Why Hug Works Like Magic Where Words Fail?

To be a rainbow in someone’s cloud is more gratifying than to be wrapped up in our own self. Many times we hear people use words as hollow as the soul of an echo or sit on a muck of broken promises in trying to keep the relationship going.

What is the key to a lasting connection? I often wondered…

I remember a time when my life was all about the processes and goals. I was sitting in a jet-plane, fast-forwarding my life in the chase to succeed.

Everything else was on an autopilot mode. My relationships were a part of my calendar and expressions had reduced to a chore. I would call my girlfriend mechanically every weekend, we would spend time with each other but she would still complain about my absence. Women are good at sensing when your mind is wandering away.

Gradually, we drifted apart. The reasons weren’t stated except that she felt the warmth and affection missing from the relationship.

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Send This Ecard!

I suddenly, woke up from my illusions. I was in my backyard on a Sunday afternoon watering my flowers and realized that my phone wasn’t buzzing the way it used to during weekends. It dawned on me that even though I had been regular in my attempt to keeping in touch with my friends by fitting them in my to-do, I wasn’t fully engaged in their lives. I missed rather yearned for my love, Aaliyah.

I sat there listening to the sound of my breath but I could not feel the pulsation of life in it. ‘I’ was missing from my life.

The loneliness struck me gravely. I was unprepared for this but it was the reality. I was left alone because that was the message I had given to my world.

I called up Aaliyah and asked her to meet me for dinner. She said she had other plans and that left me morose.

I asked her when she would be available, she said she was off for a dinner invitation and it will be difficult to catch up until next weekend. It was hurting but I was determined to set things straight.

I stood outside her apartment and waited for her to return. Everything had a vivid sheen as the luminous moon rose in the sky. I was full of hopes and renewed excitement. More than arriving, eureka moment is when we realize where we belong.

Aaliyah looked radiant in the moonlit night as she got out of the car and looked at me. I could see the joy in her eyes from a distance. As she drew closer my eyes welled up. She smiled and hugged me. I sighed with relief. We exchanged no words, it wasn’t needed. I felt I had come home.

Let your love be expressed in more than mere words. Embrace the people you can’t live without. Give them a genuine, exaggerated hug, it needs no verses…no promises, it is enough to let them feel the love you hold in your heart.

Have a great Hug Week, friends!

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