What Is Your Next Step In The Matrix Of Life?

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”~Sydney J. Harris

Have you ever wondered about where your next step will take you to, in the matrix of life or are you on an auto-pilot mode and moving on without really bothering about the ephemeral time you’ve got?

It was a long day at work. I just went on non-stop to finish what was on my platter and ignored everything else that called for my attention be it my health or my family. In the end of the day I was left with many missed calls and unseen messages, forgotten birthdays and sulking friends and seamless chores which awaited my presence.

Many caffeine shots to keep me going, I completely overlooked the looming signals, my body was trying to take my attention to. I am sure, many of you face the same in life when something inside pokes you to get up from the damn desk and step out in the warmth on a bright sunny day or walk to the water-cooler and hydrate yourself but you ignore it and go on racing with time to accomplish the unending tasks you have delegated to yourself.

The weekend was spent in visiting the doctors and refurbishing the lost health. I realized it is important to take breaks and relax just when you have no time to do so.

Make yourself a priority over everything else. It’s important to be sane and not get carried away in the hope of reaching for the golden key to the deep treasure chest of desires.

A little of all has to be thrown in the bag of life. Enjoy the
summery delight with your loving friends and family, drown in the mesmerizing music or dig in the pleasures of a sinfulchocolate, go for a swim, serve at the elder care home, play with the little ones, paint an abstract thought or spend quality time with your sweetheart. Do what leaves you smiling.

Be in the space where you can design the matrix of life and translate the ephemeral time into eternal moments.

Cheer up and start your day with enthusiasm.

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