Five Things Nature Made! Five Things Man Made!

Send Spring Greetings!Five Things Nature Made!

Twilight sun. A masterpiece of nature. Every single day to recreate the same masterpiece… Nature should be a master!

Soft breeze, swaying trees and tickling fragrance from the flowers. Who else can concoct such an exotic cocktail.

Stars shining bright on a dark night. When the world goes dark there shine the shiny stars. Milk ways away they bloom in the night and dot the heavens with their candlelight.

A ferocious beast when angry can destruct the whole world when out of control… the serene sea is the calmest than the calmest when at peace. Irony and that is nature!

Ant colonies. A lesson of discipline. Seemingly blind ants move in a train of a path carrying specks of food to save for the future and the fraternity. The single minded devotion and the simple plan of sticking to basics is an act of nature.

Five Things Man Made!

Greeting card. Capture the nature with the eye of a camera and write a text that wins hearts… Put them both together and send it to a loved one. Nature packaged!

Telephone. Made the world shorter by a few hundred thousand miles. Dial a number and be in touch. Sounds easy, but imagine the world then before this invention happened!

Television. An extension of our life. It irritates, it repeats, it spoils, but always entertains!

Computer. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if not for this and you wouldn’t be reading this if not for this. Give the devil its due. You simply rock, comp!

Well, I deliberately left out the fifth one.

Know why?

Because, I want you to fill in that. Let me see what you think is the best thing made my man.

Think about it and leave it in the comment below.

Good day!


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