Don’t Let It Spoil Your Day!

Aaliyah was in the mood to enjoy the summer evening with homemade popsicles. We were enjoying our indulgence when I got a call from Megan. “Bob, I am coming to see you both for a while!” She said. “All good?” I asked. “No, a bad day! I will come and say the rest!” She said.

The doorbell rang and she was here! “What happened?” I asked.

Throwing herself on the couch she replied, “It all started when I asked my colleague Chloe to come down for a coffee break and she snapped. I didn’t understand that reaction and got very disturbed after that. I kept on thinking about it. I wasn’t able to concentrate at work or ideate! If that was not all, my car broke down in the middle to make the day worse!”

“Calm down, Megan! Did you try to talk to Chloe?” I asked. “No! She was in a bad mood! I moved away and kept it for some other day!” She replied.

“See, when you know she was not in the right headspace why did you let this affect you so much?” I asked.

“I just get affected with such things, Bob!” She replied.  

“It’s you who is doing this to yourself! You can’t let others or any situation have the power over you to spoil your day and keep blaming them for that. We can’t control how others behave or things turn out, but we can control our thoughts and reactions!” I replied.

“Then what should I do?” She asked. “

“It’s simple! Just stop thinking about it after the incident is over! Detach yourself from whatever has happened and focus on what’s next! Don’t let that dictate and spoil your whole day. There are more happy things to look forward to for the rest of the day!” I expressed. 

“Phew! Yes! I will do that and you are right, it’s not them but me who is letting this happen. Thanks, Bob! I won’t let that happen anymore,” She expressed. 

Aaliyah came and offered some popsicles to her. “Here you go! Something to end your day on a sweet and colorful note!” She expressed. “Oh wow! Breezy summer evening, popsicle, and great company! Now I can say that the day has been good!” She replied and we had a wonderful evening together.


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