Time To Be Polite!

Send Inspirational Greetings!Where are the good manners gone? Why are men no gentlemen anymore? Why is it always too casual now?

Is it the ‘in thing’ to be discourteous and rude?

Think about it. Don’t you feel the respect these days meted out to the elders in the family or in society is lacking from what it was before?

I think the youth of today feels that if you are polite then you are old school. To be cool is to be a dude and not a prim and proper young boy. There is no fun in that anymore. Even lovers don’t get flowers but a rude nickname and cold fragment sentences as conversation.

It is like having a tasty dish in a hurry. No one is savoring the taste. Soul is so old school. Love is so old school. Practical purposes and convenience rules even relationships.

Friends talk online and text message in broken sentences about where they are what they do.

Unfortunately, the same lingo that is used in short messaging service is used in essays that they write in school and even the conversations they have.

Do guys pull the chair for the ladies anymore? Do they open the door when an elder walks in or out?

I don’t think so.

Is there at least the courteous apology rendered when one is blatantly wrong? No. They are ready to defend even their wrongs.

They have forgotten that there is pride to be had when one accepts one’s mistakes.

Such a gesture will keep them sane and let their mind understand what is right and what is wrong. If they defend, then they are not accepting their mistake and are bound to repeat or create mistakes.

It is sometimes good to be polite. Rudeness is crass. It feels and sounds bad. Take a minute to think about it before you throw an offending word or two.


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