Mars Here We Come!

Send Inspirational Greetings!Okay, Mars has been conquered. Well, not exactly, at least we have eyes and ears there now. It is hard even to imagine such a feat, but well, our scientists make everything and anything possible these days. A decade or two from now, we may be looking real estate prices in the newspapers of downtown areas in Mars for all you know. The joy of this and the beautiful four year once festival for sports called Olympics were a big high and brought smiles in an otherwise dull month.

There is something or another happening every moment in some part of this world. Some we are proud of as humans and some we loathe as human beings. Such is the irony of the most superior animal on this planet. We tend to sometimes even humanize the villains and demonize our leaders. We are a disloyal lot sometimes. And we are unpredictable.

We may applaud an amazing movie and make it a box office gold and at other times, we shun a certain classic terming it over the top.

We even sometimes bejewel a trashy movie and then regret later why in the world we ever did that.

Moon landing was the first surprise and then now Mars. This planet was bound to be set foot upon of course, not by a human yet, but I am sure that day is not too far away.

Mindless killings are still happening inside our country. People for no reason enter religious places and schools and bring down innocents, but at the same time there are helpful souls who are building relationships and making people smile with their activities and kind gestures.

One tallies another. For every thorn that pricks there is a beautiful rose that blooms.

Life is for the one who leaps forward, but always remembers the springing board.


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