Let’s go nostalgic!

Send Everyday Greetings!Remember the days when you weren’t afraid of getting wet in the rain?

We never needed umbrellas neither did we need medicines to protect us from nature. We jus’ got wet and danced in the rain. And nobody cried.

Remember the days when you didn’t care about your body weight?

Calories were Greek those days. Food was to eat and the only thing to be noted in a food was its taste.

Remember the days when you religiously visited the Church on Sundays?

It was a habit. It was discipline and it was divine. Friends and family in their best Sunday dress and prayers for the Lord, good ol’ days those were.

Remember the days when you used to have genuine best friends?

Yes, in the age of innocence any relationship is genuine. When we grow up, needs arise and the relationships become opportunistic.

Remember the days when the fruits were fresh and foods were not frozen?

Nothing was contaminated and we didn’t need the approval from FDA to have a bite or a gulp. No one played with our food.

Remember the days when the movies were in black and white and entertaining for real?

We didn’t have computer graphics where unreal was the norm. We had characters who resembled real life and heroes on screen who were gentlemen and ladies.

Remember the days when kids were kids?

I am sure, you do.

Remember the days when what happened between four walls of a family remained jus’ there?

Reality shows were not heard of. Privacy was respected. Nobody told the world what they had for breakfast over a social media page.

Remember the days when elders were called Sir and Ma’m?

Now, they are called ‘dude!’ Both of them in some cases.

Remember the days when marriages lasted forever?

Maybe, they didn’t have a choice or maybe they were genuinely in love.

Your take?

Tell me.


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