Random Thoughts On a Thursday!

Send Everyday Cards!Waiting for the weekend?

Thursday is here; day for the blog from Bob and Friday is around the corner. Are you smiling already?

If you have a job that doesn’t make you work, but feel good then you don’t need any counting either.

When job becomes work then there is no fun. But if job becomes passion, then there is no work. It is jus’ fun. In fact, it is a boon.

Look for something like that in life.

Same goes with relationships. Mandatory and by default relationships that follow a set formula never last. The ones where there is excitement and mutual attraction is the one that will last.

Talking about weekends, it is not always a good idea to hit the town with friends and paint it red. Letting the hair down too takes its toll.

Sometimes, it is good to jus’ chill out on a couch with no one around. Not even television.

Jus’ lazy sleep – the kind of sleep where you are not in deep sleep neither are you awake. That in-between zone is an amazing exercise of happiness. Take your pet out for a walk and let the poodle lead you. For once, you walk the path the pet walks. Give it the independence and be obliged as a respectful individual who cares for pets and walk along. It will be liberating, I bet… Try it.

Jus’ close the door, stand in front of the mirror and sing aloud.

Put on loud music and dance alone… Wildly.

All of the above will give you a good high!

Random thoughts on a Thursday, you wonder?

Well, I am gearing up for the weekend. I am sure it will be adventurous fun with a little bit of problem solving to do.

I look forward to that.

How about you?

Tell me what lies ahead in this weekend’s schedule for you?


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