Thanks For The Lovely Haikus!

Poetry sets you free. Try writing one, don’t care whether the lines rhyme or not. Choose any style of writing a poetry, be it a sonnet, haiku, limerick or free verse. Poetry liberates your emotions and lets you express in the way your subconscious mind thinks. It is spatial and not linear. It is free and not bound by the limitations of language.

I am so grateful to the submissions that came from our readers following our earlier blog post calling for Haikus. Their posts are now our e-cards for you all to share.

The season has beautifully transitioned to Autumn and the leaves are changing their color. My friend Brigid Doyle penned down few lines which touched my heart enormously.


“The annihilation of summer’s costume

Shredding its once voluptuous scene

Murderous autumn

So sweet of you to obliterate

With your rich coat of amber

Your presence of death

Only to invite the freshness of life

A new face

Killing everything in sight

Giving birth to something new

Welcome Sweet Autumn!”

Every change whether it demands letting go or welcoming the new is for a sole purpose and that is our growth.

So, embrace the seasons and the changes and rejoice in life. Don’t forget to share the moments with your folks and friends.


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