Save A Penny For The Right Reason!

Send a humor cardIn the times of recession, one learns the importance of saving for a rainy day. There is more to saving than just investing and generating interest and amassing dollars. Let me tell you of an incident that happened the other day and this one’s about my cute little niece, Rachel.

Rachel loves the jingle! Christmas is far away of course, but this jingle is the music that she hears when she shakes her Piggy Bank. She is proud of her savings. Her birthday falls on October 2nd, but she has forgotten the month conveniently. She just celebrates the 2nd of every month as her birthday by just collecting dough from all and sundry. Lovely little brat! She is saving up for almost half-a-dozen months now!

She is waiting for Christmas of course. She loves to splurge and I’m pretty sure she has her eyes set on a cool dress for herself. Kids love to talk, don’t they? And they do talk to themselves and sometimes to their pet poodle too. I overheard the other day when she was involved in a monologue with Kong.

She was petting his neck, “Kong, you know, I just don’t find any trousers for you, not even a toy… Poor you! You don’t wear anything. But don’t worry, I’ve saved enough dollars to get you a bow-tie collar the other day we saw at the mall.”
Giggle. Giggle.

Oops! Where did that come from?! This little tot sure has a mighty heart. Shame on you, Bob!

Moment of Zen for you people. . . Kids crawl and cry, but almost all the time they smile when they see others happy and cheerful!
One needs to save for a rainy day… True! But, what makes money saved worth? It is when we spend it on a dear and near one, who means a lot to us.

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