A Little Gratitude…

Send a Cute CardYou step on the accelerator just as you are going to take a turn, it isn’t exactly a wise thing to do. Ask me about it! Well, I was the one who hit the bumper. I was jaywalking down the lane when the above-said maneuver was attempted and I was thrown across the pavement. I was conscious enough to understand the EMS sounds and the white-coated doctors, but when they chattered about how I would lose or dislocate my left arm if it isn’t held in a particular position I almost went unconscious. From the corner of my eye I could see some, John Doe hold my hand. For all the 15 minutes it took, I was just concentrating on my arm, not to move it even an inch and of course, he was holding it just right.

I recuperated and came out in one piece after a few weeks. One day I happened to pass by the same hospital again and saw that this guy was involved in yet another emergency case. He was moving with concern and determination, written large on his face as if his life depended on it.

I know, I paid my bills, paid my insurance and its dues, and thanked my friends and family, who were by my side when I was recuperating. But what about this guy, a virtual nobody, who is concerned and fighting it out there with no credentials as a doctor, but just a nurse. He doesn’t care if he’s paid the price of a life he has saved or waits for a pat. He is just another male that fills up the hospital floor. Mere number! At least for me!

“Hey, he saved your arm!” I heard it loud this time. It came from within my heart. Found him in the Nurses Station in a relaxed mood for a change. He looked surprised. I don’t know when was the last time he saw a patient walking in perfect health come to him. I profoundly thanked him and even gave him a hug. I guess he was embarrassed. I know why. He never expected it.

Nobody is inferior and everybody deserves a word of gratitude.

Life is made of precious little moments like this and more often than not every single moment has a lesson or two, which could change our lives.


3 thoughts on “A Little Gratitude…

  1. Dearest Bob,
    Me fully agreed to what u had said. Life is too short actually and we must fully responsible to it. Are we doing not good enough to spread the love of life? yes. Starts from to know how to love ourself dan u will understand how to love our family ; neighbour; and it spread to circle of people out there. Is just like a small stone being throw onto a pond where u watch the circle of water wave that spread from inner circle to the outer bigger circle and so on. That life….The point is always start from ourself how we think positive and think of givings.

  2. It is really sad to see such a tragedy. It reminds me of the song “what the world needs now”. Yes, it is love. Sometimes we may get burnt, but it may save a soul, or a few souls.

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