Cure For Addiction Found. It’s Love!

Send a humor cardTina Fey’s father is a Vietnam veteran and a firefighter. Once on an interview with Letterman she said, “If everyone had a father like me, there won’t be any porn tapes!”

Looking at what’s happening with our younger celebrity lot namely, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse… One tends to think how important is the family structure?

There are DUIs, addictions and a lot of confusion over love and weddings.

Handling success has become a thorn crown on the head. These days once every young pop, rock or movie star achieves the pinnacle of
success, his or her downward spiral starts in terms of personality and lifestyle.


Where is the good ol’ American value system?

Where are we going wrong?

The humble, modest stars are an endangered species now. And the worst part?

These are role models to the young kids out there. It’s scary sometimes to even think about it, but again this is America. We are not always black and white. We have our gray side and we proudly exhibit the same.

We live life the way we want to: good, bad, ugly and whatever!

At least, we are honest.

On the brighter side of things, there are many celebrities who have gone to the dumps and then woke up one day to find themselves where they were and have taken corrective steps and made it back.

Their fights to resurrect themselves is well documented by the mainstream media.

Kids see that too.

Maybe, there is a lesson to be learnt there.

All said, family plays an important part. The best cure for addiction is love.

Love conquers all. Everything. Even drugs.

Show some love today. Make a difference!


3 thoughts on “Cure For Addiction Found. It’s Love!

  1. B. That is so funny! I laughed out loud. So loud, my neighbors heard me.
    I love skipping stones off of bays, rivers, streams, ponds- one of my favorite pass times. I do it off the bay near my home. Once I skipped 25 skips. Was a perfect stone, flat and smooth with a pointed triangular tip. I knew it would go far.
    thanks for this funny blog. Hope all continues to go well with you and Aaliyah and her parents.

  2. Ha ha, it is so funny. Oh, sorry Bob, that is very cruel indeed. Hope you get on well with Aaliyah’s parents.

  3. Some guys blow it. Normally they saliently glue the relationship together. When they look back, they would laugh at how trivial the problems have been.

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