10 Ways to Live a Wholesome Life!

Send Everyday Greetings!There are various self-help books that tell us how to live a good life. They may be right or they may be wrong, but there are ten ways I know of that sure should let you live a wholesome life.

Lists are tricky! You never know which one the world will agree to and which one it wouldn’t. But your Editor Bob has the courage to list them out (counting on your indulgence of course).

As always, you may agree with me or may not, let’s see… Here’s the list jus’ for you:

1. Give time for yourself. It’s a mad world out there. Being with your colleagues, spending time on business and being around your loved ones and family are all important, but being with yourself is even more important.

2. Don’t be angry… Ever. There is no reason for it, really. If someone hurts you, introspect, learn and move on.

Don’t sulk or be angry. There is no evidence yet to suggest anger has ever worked for anyone.

3. Surprise your partner. Start of a romantic relationship is not the end of the wooing phase. Sweet surprises from time to time will add to a beautiful life.

4. Watch some movies that are so bad that it is good. Yes, Academy Awards movies are for a season. These type of mad movies will entertain the kid in you.

5. Spend time with kids. Importantly, be one of them and don’t be a demanding adult. It is a different experience and that innocent experience is good for the heart.

6. Listen to music and sing aloud in the bathroom. Be yourself. You deserve to be sometimes atleast.

7. Switch off your mobile phone for 8 hours a day.

8. Drink water for taste. Yes, you heard it. Water is tasty, if you take it sip by sip and enjoy it.

9. Talk to the flowers in the garden. Smell the nature and embrace the plants. Give time to nature.

10. ____________________.

The last reason is for you to fill up.

Will you?


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