Kiss The Blues Away!

Summer comes in full swing and the cool colors are in again, reflecting the heat and calming the mind. Colors have a significance, each color impacts the mind and has a quality of its own.

The color blue affects the mind positively, it is associated with open spaces, expansiveness, sensitivity, inspiration, loyalty, intelligence, wisdom and trust. It is the color of the sky and the sea. It brings to mind coolness and tranquillity. It is related to rest and relaxation. It is believed that it helps in unobstructed expression of thoughts.

However, too much blue can create melancholy and sadness. That is why the idioms and comparisons have been coined. “Monday blues” or “getting the blues,” when we are feeling too relaxed to start out the work week. Blues are a music style often associated with soft and calming music which evokes emotion.

Blue is also associated with nobility and richness, hence are the terms “true blue“or “blue blood.”

Sea is a blend of various shades of blue, it is the perfect therapy to escape with folks to the seaside.

The salt of sea washes away every spec of tiredness and fatigue while the coolness of blue water relaxes the nerves. I am truly in love with the way the waves jump and leap to kiss the shore. Sitting by the sea and staring into the horizon is like gazing into eternity where time has no meaning, it fills up the inner lacuna and transports us to a place of untranslatable joy.

I created a special summer color mood-board with our special summer greetings.

Dive in and enjoy the colors of the sea and share the same with your buddies, send them special messages throughout summertime. Make your presence felt. Kiss their blues away with chocolates or cheer them up with flowers .


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5 thoughts on “Kiss The Blues Away!

  1. thanks for sharing
    My favorite flower is the tropical Bird of Paradise. I just love how it looks like a scarlet bird, though it is a flower. I should research and see what it represents. Also there is nothing more beautiful than the rose and especially the yellow rose. It takes my breath away. I want to dive right into its luscious petals.
    thanks for this lovely blog.

  2. Thanks for your great post, sure the blue color is an amazing color which I love. The color let us come down and feels great. I love blue!

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