Getting The Family Together

Send Family EcardsIn these fast times, it is difficult to get a family together, no matter how much you want. Wouldn’t you like to have those nice dinners that you enjoyed so much as a child? Where are those cousins today, and those aunts and uncles? Sometimes it may be far off from your place, or maybe just a phone call away. But that phone call is never made and each of you end up having a quiet dinner alone. Take the initiative. Make use of the omnipresent internet. Create an online presence of your family. Every family member should have access to it, so that when you want to have a family get together, make a post on your family webpage and each one knows about it.

For your immediate family, you can set certain rules for the family members to encourage interaction among them. No phone calls or TV or any other distractions during dinner time and pre and post dinner conversations. This time is exclusively for the family, who make up the most important part of your life. Your family will stand by you when that person you are talking to on the phone at dinner time moves on to greener pastures. So your loved ones deserve all the time you can possible give. Conduct family games that you can play together to encourage bonhomie and camaraderie. Try these and you’ll soon have a lovely family life to fall back on, in times of crisis. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Getting The Family Together

  1. In times of laughter everyone stands by your side,during crisis ,you guessed it.They are always with u.There’s nothing like a caring & sharing family.Missed any point?Like to hear from you

  2. That is a good idea. Exclusive family time could be a good starting point for family to meet. However, for people with irregular hours, it may not be easy.

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