Obama’s Recovery Plan

Send Everyday EcardsIt’s some days now into Obama’s presidency. We are all excited about the changes that we are expecting him to bring about. There are cynics who feel that the burden of expectations are too high, and we must not really pin our hopes so strongly when we are yet to see something definite. But that’s just the cynics. If only they could do something to lend a helping hand. I’m pretty much inspired to believe in the change and support the positive vibe that Obama always manages to radiate.

Obama’s spending plan to pull the country out of this economic pit is no doubt one of the most expensive plans ever. It will help create new jobs and make it possible for people to earn a respectable living. Obama hopes that this money will help restart loans and develop the economy in the long-term. There will be a deficit of $1 trillion next year. Obama has promised to halve this by the end of his term. Obama’s immediate plan is to stabilize the economy for the next ten or twenty years. He is planning to invest in the renewable sectors of energy to creat more job opportunities. I’m optimistic. How about you?


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