Please Touch Museum Goes Dark!

Send Everyday EcardsThis is bizarre! Some balloons, which floated in from nowhere, got entangled in the power lines and plunged Please Touch Museum into darkness. The blackout lasted for about an hour. Reports say that there were about 2000 people inside the museum at that time. The authorities have decided to honor these tickets at a later date as well. The patrons cannot demand a refund on the spot, they can call up later and ask for a refund or visit again, which in this case, can be done with the same ticket. The point is, you don’t lose out on money.

But, what about the trauma? These children who were inside the Please Touch Museum at that point of time, will remember the blackout each time they visit. Some may be too scared to visit at all. When we have an experience like this, it seems to stay with us. It could be as a fond memory, or as a traumatic experience. Kids who had fun being in the dark, will expect the power to go off every time! When I was a child, I fell off a see-saw once. I could never perch myself on a see-saw again! Have you had similar incidences in your life? You can share with us!


One thought on “Please Touch Museum Goes Dark!

  1. Only the exibits were down, there was emergency lighting powered by a generator. It was also broad daylight, I’m sure the children will overcome the trauma.

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