Did The American Idol Results Surprise You?

Send Encouragement EcardsThe American Idol results for Group 2 didn’t see any upsets, if I’m to go by the two-member jury at my place. Irina and Adrian saw their favorites Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert go through easily. They rooted and cheered for them over the days. I can bet my right arm they would have had a fight if any one of them got through. But going by what people are talking about in the office, it was a foregone conclusion that Allison and Adam would scrap through easily. Opinion was divided on the third slot. Some of them didn’t like Kris Allen to make it.

I am not sure we should deride anyone once they have made it to the next round. It’s a case of personal choice. If an American Idol contestant has made it to next round, we must encourage and support. Bad press, negative criticism does not help the selected contestant, and neither the neglected one. It only hampers the positive vibe around. Healthy competition is what we all want to see, and we want it to remain that way, don’t we?

Did the American Idol results surprise you? Write in.

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