The Bachelor Choses His Bachelorette

Send Love EcardsABC’s show The Bachelor is riding the waves. There was a lot of curiosity generated about who Jason Mesnick was going to choose. Donna follows this show and she’s quite a fan. She has been speculating for days whom Jason wanted to pick. I think almost everyone who had the time on their hands joined this collective speculation. All that was put to rest when Jason chose former cheerleader of the Dallas Cowboys as his partner. There was high drama before he decided on Melissa Rycroft. Donna admitted that she was under the impression that Jason Mesnick was going to choose Molly Malaney.

But things didn’t happen that. Molly supposedly cried her way out and Jason proposed to Melissa with a huge ring. Very well. There was a twist after that. Jason Mesnick is believed to have muttered amidst tears that he still loves Molly! I was openmouthed when Donna told this to me. She added, “It might all be scripted, you know!” Scripted? If it is, they must be hiring some new writers who can come up with some better ideas. And if it is not scripted, I could not really understand what exactly Jason Mesnick wanted to prove by proposing someone for marriage and then shedding cans of tears in memory of the woman he rejected.

If I take it that the only reason for Jason choosing his partner is love, then that reason is not valid after he openly admitted he loves another. There must be some other parameters that he took into consideration. What could be those reasons? Is this just another case of celebrity circus? Do you find any credibility in these types of reality shows?


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