I Want You To Be Happy Day!

Send I Want You To Be Happy Day EcardsTaking up from where I stopped in the newsletter, wishing well and moving on is not really the easiest thing to do. You could be angry with your ex, or just vindictive. You could be nursing a bruised ego, you could also be looking at the broken pieces of your relationship, willing them to build up again. But such thoughts only stop you from seeing the bigger picture. You end up thinking in circles and your thoughts revolve around your ex. How to get out of this loop that spirals you down?

Let go. Let go of those thoughts that make you angry. Let go of those memories which haunt you. Let go of those promises you held close to your heart as scared, which now prick you like nettles. Once you come to terms with yourself, you’ll find it in you to forgive and forget. Engage in some activities that take your mind off the broken relationship. Do things you feel nice. Meet up friends you neglected because you gave all your time to your love. It’ll take a while, but slowly you’ll evolve and then you can actually do a Kate or a Jeffrey (for more, read here).

If the relationship fell apart for reasons other than love, you are bound to feel attached to your ex. If you have been in true love with the person, you’ll want that person to be happy and prosper. There’s no denying that, how much you might feel that the person would have been happiest with you. Have you had such feelings in your life? Would you like to share?


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