I Want You To Be Happy Day!

Send I Want You To Be Happy Day EcardsTaking up from where I stopped in the newsletter, wishing well and moving on is not really the easiest thing to do. You could be angry with your ex, or just vindictive. You could be nursing a bruised ego, you could also be looking at the broken pieces of your relationship, willing them to build up again. But such thoughts only stop you from seeing the bigger picture. You end up thinking in circles and your thoughts revolve around your ex. How to get out of this loop that spirals you down?

Let go. Let go of those thoughts that make you angry. Let go of those memories which haunt you. Let go of those promises you held close to your heart as scared, which now prick you like nettles. Once you come to terms with yourself, you’ll find it in you to forgive and forget. Engage in some activities that take your mind off the broken relationship. Do things you feel nice. Meet up friends you neglected because you gave all your time to your love. It’ll take a while, but slowly you’ll evolve and then you can actually do a Kate or a Jeffrey (for more, read here).

If the relationship fell apart for reasons other than love, you are bound to feel attached to your ex. If you have been in true love with the person, you’ll want that person to be happy and prosper. There’s no denying that, how much you might feel that the person would have been happiest with you. Have you had such feelings in your life? Would you like to share?


5 thoughts on “I Want You To Be Happy Day!

  1. B. I had an ex-boyfriend back when I was 15 years old as I have been happily married to my husband for 29 years. So I am bit rusty when it comes to dealing with ex’s. But I can sort of relate to what you are saying in regards to previous friendships or family members. I feel that some things can not be mended- forgiven. And I’m of the camp- don’t forget. To remember can help you get through it- as to why in the first place you no longer see that person. I don’t always think a person can remain friends with an ex lover or spouse. It depends on the relationship. Because there are friends, partners, relatives who are just rotten to the core. Malicious, selfish individuals who care nothing for anyone and only think of themselves. Stay away from these folks. Now the more difficult relationships to let go of are the ones where the person is kind, understanding and did love you. There a friendship might come about after the break up. But only if both of you can handle one or the other dating another person. if it is too difficult, then don’t see the person any longer. Move on, as you say, and find other friends. Try to get involved with other people, visit other cities, countries and meet new people.
    Now thoughts will haunt- that’s true- “he or she would have been better off with me”, or “can’t he or she see that there partner is hurting them.” Here is where you can step in and talk with your ex, that is if they want to talk and discuss how they feel about their new partner. Just being a friend to your ex can really help that person see things they might not otherwise see in their new relationship. Hopefully your ex won’t through back at your remarks like, “oh, you’re just jealous;” or “you want to ruin this relationship because you want me back…” and so on. If so, then I’m sad to say it’s best to move on and you simply can’t be friends with your ex, as they won’t listen to reason.
    Maybe someday you both will be friends like a Kate and Jeffery, but there is also a chance that that might never happen. To not hope on it or dwell on what might be, but to take a different direction in your life, change the course of it and be with old and new friends. They can help you get through it L.

  2. That is a positive thinking. On the other hand, no one knows what exactly is at the ending of the story except God, like Kate and Jeffrey. Therefore, do what is best at the time. There will be no regrets.

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  4. You are right Bob; letting go and moving on is not the easiest thing to do. I have seen a close friend in a similar situation and the only thing that seemed to help is totally staying away from anything that reminds of that person. I mean “Anything and Everything”. Yes it has to start with forgive & forget and then keeping away from not only the person but all the memories like mails, pictures, gifts that were exchanged, any music/movies they might have enjoyed together and also avoiding places that both have been to etc. Above all this, like you said one has to engage in activities that will take their mind off ex love and try to focus on friendships and other areas of life (like career, kids, extended family etc., and any other relations that matter in life) that have been neglected. All this will help the wounds heal. But I think actually it may be quite a while to do Kate or Jeffrey. As always, nice article from you Bob, on “I Want You to Be Happy” day!

  5. I agree with June. Engaging in activities that one has forgotten is a good way to heal. It might take a while but that is a positive way.

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