Do You Like Jennifer Aniston?

Send Love EcardsFriends. Rachel. Both names tumble out of the same cell in my brain. And I think it goes true for many of you as well. Jennifer Aniston, our very own Rachel, shot to fame with one of the best sitcoms ever. After doing several romcoms and her high profile marriage and subsequent divorce with Brad Pitt, you can never deny that Aniston has covered a long journey. But fans of Rachel think that she could have been among the legends if she had handled her career in a better way.

Adrian, another Jennifer Aniston fan, thinks she lost track of it after her marriage with Pitt fell apart. He also believes that her failed marriage made it impossible for her to focus again, and she lost it completely then on. Though I don’t agree with him on everything, but there’s a certain sense in that. Do we have a lesson to learn from here? It would be very easy to say that we must not lose sight of our professional goals when our personal life goes into a tizzy, but it’s a lot easier said than done.

I mean, would you like to come in and work when you have had a bad fight with your spouse? As professionals, it’s absolutely important that you leave your personal problems outside the door of your cubicle. But, I refuse to believe that it is always possible for even the most hard-nosed professional. If that was possible, no one would put up snapshots of their dear ones on the pin-board or on the monitor! What do you think? Can you switch off your personal self before you enter office? Chime in.


8 thoughts on “Do You Like Jennifer Aniston?

  1. For most part I can, but its the toughest job of all to do.. My cry time is usually in the morning in my car.. by the time I get to work, im pretty good.. but I have to say, its hard when you get an email or hear a conversation that brings up a memory, or touches a heart string.. My best friend chose to tell me via email at work, that she and my recent ex husband were now romantically involved, well since that day just before christmas, I have not been able to hold back my tears at my desk. If they come, they come, and Im no longer afraid to show them, it makes me as much human as I am professional. And when the time is right, i wipe the tears away, and get back to work..

  2. I think that you can not put a cross line between your professional life and your personal life’s problems but i believe that work helps very much to put your self together and keep you going.
    So for me work is number one .It keeps you strong and independent.

  3. One of my mentors had once suggested that to be a professional one must compartmentalise one’s life. Well 3 years down the line I don’t think it’s true, otherwise we would be a psychological case study, but it’s necessary that you keep your private affairs private otherwise people might take advantage of you and use your weekness to advance their agendas. Yes if you can trust someone you could have a confidante who would quietly provide you with the necessary encouragement when you are down.

  4. It is certainly not easy for someone like Jennifer Ainston to pick up again after a high profile marriage. On the other hand, work is one of the best healing material. Look at Nicole Kidman. She has done extremely well after her divorce. It is important to stick to one’ s values of life when it comes to traumatic events like divorce or break up.

  5. B. I think I can, unless something is really heavy on my brain. So I leave the office during my lunch break and take a walk in the nearby park to think things out. Feed the squirrels and ducks. That helps out. But for the most part, I leave my personal life out of my professional life.L.

  6. Three cheers for Nicole. She realised how much she had missed by standing behind someone. Instead of wasting her talents she came out of the divorce so well. I don’t think she will be happy for the rest of her life if she chooses to continue to sacrifice.

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