Some Me Time!

It was Tuesday evening. Aaliyah was out on her business trip. My phone rang and it was Steve. “Hey Bob! Get ready. We are going to this new lounge. Picking you up in 15!” he said. “No Steve, I will stay at home. I will join you all some other day. You guys carry on,” I replied. I am usually not the kind of person to ever say no for such outings but that day I didn’t want to go out.

It was the evening where I wanted to spend time with myself. A ‘me time therapy’ is what I was longing for since few days. That day seemed like a perfect one. A book, coffee, reading lights and Kong by my side is what I needed.

Now you all must be thinking why Bob, who is the heart of every party, a curator of every occasion is suddenly wanting to be all alone! The story goes back to the year when I was working for my first job. It was a time when I went overboard with day to day affairs in life. Whether it was work, relationship or socializing. It was like passing from one slot to another. One evening I was at Mrs. Bradley’s place. It was her elder son’s birthday. It was a long week for me. I wanted it to end somehow. The look on my face was of disgust. I was clearly not enjoying the party. I was amidst the ocean of unending thoughts.

“What happened, Bob? You look bewildered!” she expressed. “A lot is happening around me at one go and I am simply unable to process so many things together. I am being very indecisive. Certain things that I desire looks like a farfetched dream. I want to put an end to a few things but I am not able to. It’s so confusing. I feel very helpless,” I replied.

“Bob, relax! Come, it’s crowded here,” she said and took me to her balcony. The skyscrapers in NYC was standing tall and looked beautiful in the crimson hue of the evening. The serene breeze calmed my senses. I felt a little better.

“Bob you need to spend some time with yourself. You are doing wonderful in every aspect. However, you are caught up with too many things. You are missing out on spending time with the most desirable person and that’s you, your own self. You will get much more clarity once you do this,” she expressed.

When she said this I immediately reflected on my day to day routine. She actually had a point, in my overall schedule I did not have time for myself.  “You are right Mrs. Bradley. I need to spend some real good time with myself. “Yes you do need to! Cut yourself from everything during that time and just do what you love doing. Music, dance, cooking, singing whatever has your heart,” she replied. “Thank you, Mrs. Bradley,’ I said. “Oh common now! Stop thanking and all. Let me know how you feel after doing this,” she said. “Sure I will,” I answered and gave her a tight hug.

Mrs. Bradley was the one who had made me realize the importance of ‘self-quality time’. The time when you are just by yourself. A time where one can set the creativity free and come up with some amazing ideas. It helps to reflect on your inner self. The confusions fade away and clarity comes in. Motivation takes a leap. It gives a boost and instills a vigor to bounce back. Try spending lone time with yourself and see. It works wonders!


One thought on “Some Me Time!

  1. B., Nice Blog. Agree with you on this “time to oneself.” Life can get so crazy and it is those times to squirrel away and do what you wish, to catch up with yourself. When I was a kid, I used to enjoy playing on my bedroom floor with my Janice West Cowgirl bendable toy and her companion horse, Poncho. I would play for hours. Was quality time. So these days, now that I am an adult, every time I am finally alone, away from the job, the house work, and don’t answer the phone, I paint in my studio, feeling as though I am playing with my toys again- Janice West Cowgirl riding her horse, Poncho, trotting them on my bedroom floor- that was my creative canyon, field and praire. So get along little doggie. love to you, L.

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