The Tough Choice

Sitting in the balcony, I was giving a belly rub to Kong. Aaliyah was getting ready as we were about to hit our favorite rooftop lounge near Empire State Building. Kate and Teddy were on their way. Rachael was already here. She came and sat beside me. She showed to me an email. It was an invitation to take part in a theater. “Can you believe it? Out of so many I got selected and I am invited. It is an international platform,” she expressed. “That’s a great! So when are you leaving?” I asked.

The smile on her face faded away. “What happened?” I asked. “I have a lot of assignments piled up. I will not be able to make it. But I love being in the creative world. It keeps me so happy,” she replied. “Then why are you not doing something about it?” I asked. She sighed and after a pause she said,” I know mom. She will ask me to focus on my degree.”

Rachael was torn between obtaining her degree and the desire to be a part of the creative world. “Didn’t you ever speak to Liz about what you like doing?” I asked. “I did but I was confused myself, so she asked me to get enrolled in this course which would take me somewhere. That was the best she could do in her capacity. Now it’s too late I feel. A lot has been spent already for this course.”

This is a common problem which is being faced by the youth these days. Clouds of confusion and lack of direction makes them land in a turmoil. “What exactly do you want?” I asked. “I don’t know what I should do now! I love theatre but I also have to build a career. Also, mom wanted me to get a degree and head to a good B school. Now there is no turning back,” she said as her eyes filled with tears expressing her helpless situation.

“Well by doing something you don’t like and longing to do something which you like, you will end up being nowhere. This can’t promise you success or happiness,” I expressed. “What do I do now?” she asked. “Calm yourself. What’d done is done! Let us think of a solution. Think what aligns with your passion and long term goal! Then talk it out with your mom,” I replied.

“I will do that. I need to understand myself first, only then will I be able to make others understand. If I am not confident and convincing enough myself, then how can I expect others to trust my decision?” she expressed. She sounded resolute. “That’s precisely what you were lacking and everything got messed up,” I replied.

“I will think and fix this, Uncle Bob. Thank you so much for making me realize where things were going wrong,” she said. “Anytime, Rachael. You’re always welcome for such chats,” I answered. Meanwhile Aaliyah was ready and we headed for dinner.

It is certainly not easy to make a decision when you are caught up in a dilemma. However, talking it out with people who are best at giving a direction and clarity always helps. Taking a call requires a lot of courage and is a big step. Don’t be afraid of the tough choice. Trust your intuition and give your best at whatever you choose for yourself!


One thought on “The Tough Choice

  1. B. Yes, some times taking that first choice early in the game of life, on a future endeavor may not work out for the best later in life. You may not be happy, content with that choice. Find yourself locked in a jam. So it would be time to move on, find another more engaging path and figure out a plan to bring back the magic you felt so long ago.
    Rachel is fortunate to have you as an Uncle. Thanks for sharing this story. Sending love your way, L.

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