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Everyone loves Do-It-Yourself gifts. Construction paper is a useful instrument to make Valentine’s Day crafts that people of all ages enjoy creating and members of the family enjoy receiving. Start with a pad of construction paper. Make certain you’ve lots of colored sheets especially red-colored sheets. The local office supply or craft store must have exactly what you need for your DIY.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Donna, Aaliyah and Emily love to sit around with kids and make paper flowers and cut outs for the Valentine’s Day gifts and greetings. The entire process is fun. It helps to enhance creativity and strengthen their friendship. I get amazed to see the incredible gift boxes, handmade candles, greetings and more.

The house is a creative mess and reeks of glue and paint, but the love and laughter make up for everything.

Valentine’s Day is a day for treats as well as expressions of love. Families love making cookies and cupcakes that ooze with love and fresh baked goodness. Aaliyah and I decided to bake some delightful cup cakes for the little ones living in the children shelter in our neighborhood.

The house was filled with chocolaty aroma and it was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever done with my girl.

Valentine Cookie and Cupcake

Valentine’s Day is a terrific holiday for crafts. People of all ages may become involved with the preparations and celebration. Toddlers are too young to use scissors safely on their very own, but they could still participate in craft making with all the family.

Here is what we did with the young ones at the shelter.

Scissor less Valentine Crafts for Toddlers

We made some smileys on paper plates with paints and sharpies, we also did some fun finger painting crafts.

With all the special events taking place on Valentine’s Day it’s just right to end all the day with a dessert befitting the event.

Here is a child-friendly Valentine’s Day dessert idea we’ve adopted for the day. We are preparing some sweet treats which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-shaped chocolate waffles. It is simple to make and everyone loves to indulge. If you do not have heart-shaped waffle iron use the cutters, pour some chocolate sauce or maple syrup and dust them with icing sugar before serving or make waffle sandwiches with cream or strawberry sauce.

Valentine’s Day Dessert

With teenagers around, you do not need to spend a ton of cash on decorations for Valentine’s Day. They’re filled with thoughts, so enlist their aid to come up along with decorating tips to decorate the love this Valentine’s Day.

We love to paint a love wall and encourage people to post their messages there or take a selfie with their loved ones there . It keeps them occupied and it is pure fun. All we need are some spray paints and post-its.

The Love Wall

On this day words of love are exchanged. We love to send out special greetings to all our loved ones.

Here are some card ideas which will be different than the usual shop purchased cards.


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