Groundhog, Don’t Retreat To Your Burrow!


Weather outside has been cool with some snow showers. We are starting the last full month of winter. The changing weather patterns and weather conditions make me feel homesick. I am looking forward to Spring and Mother Nature’s neonates.

In the United States of America and Canada, on February 2nd, according to tradition, when the groundhog emerges from hibernation and sees its own shadow, it retreats to its burrow delaying the arrival of Spring by six weeks, and if it’s cloudy, when it emerges, it is believed that the Spring season shall arrive early.

I was telling the story to a little lad in the shelter for children where I offer my services on Sundays, he said with awe and plea in his eyes, “Groundhog, don’t return to your burrow so soon. We want Spring to come early.” We all burst into peals of merry laughter.

The kids shared a lot with me. One of them had a phobia of losing the game and so he often would withdraw from the game in the middle just when he would sense that the it is becoming challenging. Another one commented, “There goes the groundhog into hibernation.” Everyone laughed.

I spoke to the child who sat in the corner looking anxiously at the game climaxing. I asked him, “Why did you quit the game?” He said, “I don’t like losing.” “And what if you win,” I continued to poke. He gave me an unbelieving look. I asked casually, “And so what if you not win it at least you’d enjoy playing it? Right?” He muzzled, “Ya-a-a I feel you are right!” He joined the next game and just when once again he was about to give up midway, the whole group echoed together, “Groundhog, don’t retreat to the burrow.” We all chuckled, the little boy smiled and continued to play. For the first time he also won one of the games and enjoyed participating in the ones he lost.

I’ve arranged a fun Groundhog movie get-together with all the children living in the shelter. I have seen it a number of times and yet it engages me. I wonder how it will be if we have to live a single day over and over again like the protagonist in the movie. In reality we are given just one day a time and it is upon us to make it good or waste it in fruitless cravings and mindless hankerings.

Have a great week! Add value to the lives of people around you. Don’t miss any opportunity in life for the fear of losing. Enjoy the game of life and maybe you get to taste the winning too. Don’t fear the shadow and hide in your burrow, remember spring is near.

Enjoy the upcoming love week with loved ones. Celebrate with roses, chocolates, promises and more. But always remember to be genuine. There is a subtle difference between being interested and remaining committed.


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