Making The Right Choice

There are certain days when I just wake up and wonder if I am doing what I wanted for myself. It was a Sunday, Kong woke me up with his slobbery mouth. Aaliyah was in the living room. I went to the balcony. Leaves rustled. The fall season has given a different look to New York. I saw Mrs. Bradley watering her plants and talking to the other neighbors.

As I stood there, caressing my thoughts, the sun rays fell beautifully. So many questions came to my mind. What would have life been like if I would have continued to do the job which I was not happy with? What would have it been to stay married to the person whom I did not love? How would have my life shaped up without the choices that I had made? The decisions that I had taken so far, were they worth it?

Kong rested himself on the stool beside. I was giving Kong a belly rub. Aaliyah came and hugged me from behind. She smiled and asked, “What happened Bob? Thinking something?” I looked at her and smiled. I gave her a tight hug.  

“You know Aaliyah, today, when I observe the people around me, I see so many unhappy souls. I see faces concealing their real feelings with a fake smile. “I wish I had done that right there when I was….” I hear majority of people saying with a sigh. The tone of regret being predominant. But I am very happy Aaliyah. Today when I look back, all I feel is that it was worth the shot,” I answered.

“That’s so true Bob! Doing exactly the things which we like gives us immense satisfaction. At the end of the day staying genuinely happy without any pretense is important,” expressed Aaliyah. “Exactly! My life is beautiful. I couldn’t have wished for more. It is just the way I had wanted it to be. Happy and worth living,” I said.   

Giving a peck on my left cheek she said, “I am glad that you did what you felt was right for you,” she said. ‘Now should we get ready for our brunch date?” I asked. “Yes, let us,” she replied.

Making the right choice matters. It requires knowing your inner self well. The choices that we make are a collective reflection of our characteristics, emotions and desire. It affects not only us but the people around us too. Not running after what others are running for is important. Depending on what we choose today will lead to an impact which we will experience and feel in future. Therefore we must be wise while taking such decisions.


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