Beer Day To Bare Your Heart Out!

Megan was here last night; most of the time in a harried state she is trying to balance her work and home. Whenever I look at her I am reminded of Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. She was dressed in a jacket over a fleece and a pair of blue jeans and carried a large tote and often she would dig in it and spend some time looking for her phone and once she’d managed to excavate her phone from the pit of the large bag with no pockets, she would spend some time calling her colleagues at office and her children for giving instruction in turns.

I looked at her and realized she needed a good break and me and Aaliyah who were celebrating the addition of new days in our 123greetings events calendar, National Beer Day which is on the 7th of April just when the Laugh Week culminates and National Scrabble Day on the 13th of April, decided to get her a little high on our special craft beer and then divert her mind with a good game of scrabble and completely unwind herself.

Aaliyah is a caring and warm host and makes special efforts in making her guests feel comfortable. I am mostly casual with my buddies and am often guided by her to watch for the needs of my guests.

While I roamed around clicking pictures of my friends, nibbling the snacks prepared by Aaliyah and getting high on the beer, she went around refilling the empty plates and glasses and giving me severe looks of disappointment, I often wonder why women are like this. But then thank God for them because if they weren’t like this, the beautiful aspects of nurturing, welcoming and adding warmth in relationships will disappear.

Just then we heard loud noise coming from the living room where Megan and Steve stood fighting over a word’s existence, the board game spread in front of them mostly filled up and eight empty cans of pint lying on the table before them. We handed Steve the dictionary where he checked and spelled the word thrice before agreeing while Megan had a wicked mirth on her face.

After the game was over, she looked a little relaxed as she asked Aaliyah to fill her mug with some craft. She hogged on the snacks and looked like a bird that has just been released from a cage. She bared her heart out and shared her dreams and aspirations and guilt free confession of getting tired with her role as a mother. We listened without comments or judgments as that is what differentiates buddies from family folks who often jump in to judge and decide what is best for you. I do not think it is incorrect but I feel sometimes just by listening we can resolve many problems because every individual is equipped to find the right direction for himself or herself. Friends believe and that’s what makes them more desirable.

I invite you to enjoy yet another pleasant Spring week and share stories with me here. Let’s do it together now. Share your stories with me and create a beautiful world which is happy to live in.


National Beer Day!
April 7, 2016
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National Scrabble Day!
April 13, 2016
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March 20 – June 20, 2016
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One thought on “Beer Day To Bare Your Heart Out!

  1. B., So strange,I swear you are psychic. I recently could not find my wallet in my purse (which I name ‘the vortex bucket.”) It was a crazy afternoon, too. I really thought it was stolen some how. So I got so stressed, because my wallet carried everything- including my subway pass I needed in 5 minutes- to travel downtown to meet a friend. I finally found the wallet- was in the coat closet on the floor under the vacuum cleaner. Took me 45 minutes to find it, too, so I was late meeting my friend. Took me 2 hours to calm down, as well. Because my friend was very understanding when we finally got together. Yet, I have to figure out a way to make my bucket purse become more efficiently organized.
    Thanks for sharing your story. Your friends are lucky to have you as a friend and each other. That is what friendship is all about, for sure. love to you, L.

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