April Showers And Passover Treats

Tulips flourishing on a bright sunny day and April showers leaving a rainbow strip behind, over the RFK Triboro Bridge. It is a clement time here in New York. We are all up and about. I love walking in the Central Park; it is spectacular to walk in the big, beautiful park in the middle of the city. Paths curl any which way, past lawns, sheep meadows and bridges and the boating lake and you can follow them endlessly. People stop to feed the squirrels and sparrows and walk their happy pets, some stopping to hobnob and glad-hand while others syncing their steps with the blaring music flowing from their headphones.

This week is Tax Day and looking at the city so vibrant, I feel grateful to have been a contributor to its development. Coming week we have Earth Day, yet another reason to celebrate nature and make small contribution in a way of reminder to our friends and folks by sending awesome online greetings their way.

Passover is another Jewish festival to look forward to. “The Spring Holiday” is one of the alternate names for Passover. It is marked as the celebration of freedom of Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. The families enjoy meals together along with retelling the story of liberation with specific rituals, this is known as Seder.

Last year I was invited to Passover Seder. My friend follows Reform Judaism and is very open and light-hearted. He explained that this is a special time to rejoice as it is a celebration of freedom and service to God. I wished him Gut Yontif, happy holiday. He was glad to receive the gift of kosher-for-Passover-wine from me. The first step of Passover is to drink wine while blessings are recited called Kaddesh. After which hands are washed followed by many other rituals. We ate unleavened bread called Matzah, according to the Torah the Israelites ate Matzah right before they left Egypt.

I love the wine, meal, messages and conversation which flow around festivals of different cultures. All speaking in different language, the same essence of freedom, love, gratefulness and devotion. We ended the dinner and all exclaimed, “Next Year in Jerusalem.” I smiled and connected with their brotherhood and community spirit. Rituals have their own speciality in connecting the community and giving them uniqueness.

Send some special greetings of Passover to your friends and let them know that this spring festival celebrates the essence of freedom and grace of God.

Life is so joyful, if we just let the details of the moment envelop us and let all the worries of future and blemishes of past fade away in the smiling light of the NOW. Just like a painter, paint the canvas with colors of life, unpredictable and unique.

Enjoy moments the way they present themselves. Filter out the judgments, the worry and the darkness from them. Live the goodness that prevails.


April Showers Day!
April 22, 2016
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April 22-30, 2016
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Tax Day!
April 15, 2016
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