Beautiful Hidden Gestures.

Send Thank You Greetings!God blessed us with this habitat and then he blessed us with a heart to take care of it. There are some who don’t do it. There are some who did it in front of the world. And then there are some who do extraordinary things away from the cameras and the prying eye of the world.

They don’t like their names being mentioned. They don’t want publicity and they dearly do what they do jus’ for their own satisfaction and goodness of others.

You may have seen them, but never would have realized that these individuals were givers.

And there is one more class of people and they are those who don’t realize themselves that they are doing a great thing.

Have you noticed those old folks who water the plants that are not in their yard?

Those granddads in all likelihood would never be able to enjoy the flowers that bloom out of those plants or eat the fruits they produce, but still they do it – for us!

Have you noticed those little girls who walk the blind folks cross the roads?

They don’t even know how much it meant to the people they walked along with.

Have you noticed those servants of God, the nuns, giving a helping hand in a land that is almost extinct in geography to the kids and elders suffering from extreme illness?

Do you know any of their names?


We are all not bad people, but a good lot of us are ignorant. There are three simple things in life that one should remember to possess:



Hard work.

No one can take away anything from you if you do your hard work with honesty and accept the success with humility.

Love knows no boundaries. Simple and beautiful gestures that help a fellow being don’t know boundaries either.

You can advertise your wealth and that’s your business and you can advertise your philanthropy; it may inspire others to follow, but you must not forget to appreciate those who help us all with their hidden gestures.


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