Day 15: Change Is The Way Of Life!

Day 15: The magnificence of nature around us has an effect on our minds and mood. From rainy days to moonlit nights, from summer heat to the crispness of Autumn air, there is beauty in change all around us. Plan a trip away from the concave structures we live in and attune our minds to the splendor of nature. Forgo the stress and hustle bustle for inner peace and serenity.

Alan L Boles, from Ocala, Florida writes a poem titled ‘Summer slips away’. He has been writing for six years, and has appeared in two previous anthologies. He is the creator and administrator of ‘A Poet’s Haven and The Matter In Prose’ on Facebook.

“Summer will slip away
With cup in hand, I pay homage
to my Creator for am I thankful
for the morning Sun
I watch as the shadows slowly ebb
further and further Northward
as the freckles emerge
in greater numbers
it is then I know that
Summer is slipping away
And the gowns that came with Spring
and flourished in the Summer’s Sun
Another year’s fad like the
Whites of Summer are now
the Auburns
the burnt Siennas
as Hazel Eyes blend with the foliage
and the hills begin to blaze
with the Moon’s golden haze.
As Summer slips away my cheeks
yearn to feel that crisp morning air
with each breathe I search
for its scent for soon the White Ginger
will open its madding aroma released
into the wind as Autumn releases
her pheromones and the rutting will begin
the honks grows louder and louder
When she comes with all of her splendor
and with one final kiss,
Summer will slip away.

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Enchanting Autumn.

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