What’s Love?


Who said men don’t cry?

Who said women cry at the tip of a hat?

Who said a kid is all innocence and no smarts?

Who said plants and trees don’t speak?

Who said music is jus’ sound?

And who said, Love is a feeling?

Men cry when women hurt them.

Women stay strong, without shedding a tear, in support of their men.

A kid will do whatever it takes to grab his mom’s attention and seek her love.

Try being in love. Forget plants and trees… Even chairs and tables speak.

All the words in a song feels written for the one who is in love… Be it pain, happiness or sadness.

Love is not a feeling… It is a habit.

Yes, you heard it first here. Love doesn’t happen at first sight. You like someone on first sight. You get infatuated on first sight.

Love happens gradually. Eyes may fall in love on first sight.

Heart takes time.

You have to spend time with that person. Go through good times with that person. Go through really bad, worse and disgusting situations with that person. And come out of it all together.

You should feel like murdering that person and then find yourself never being able to leave that person. You hate the person from the bottom of your heart one second and love him or her to the core the next second.

Congratulations. You are in love.


6 thoughts on “What’s Love?

  1. B., Yes, I miss the bad ol’ days. Where you could take a walk around your neighborhood and see folks sitting out on their porches, talking, laughing, catching up on things. Whether with family or friends, an excuse to simply get together was fun. I remember back in the early 90’s I was visiting a small town in Italy. I had arrived early evening and as I walked thru the town square or piazza, many people were gathered talking to each other in groups, one on one or just one person sitting on park bench viewing the crowd. I was curious what event was happening and went up to a group of Italian college students. The silly American that I was, had to ask, ” What is going on?” They all smiled at me, laughed and said, “We are all here to be with each other. Enjoying each others company. En piazza!”
    Wish this was so in my neighborhood. L.

  2. Indeed, Bob. I miss those good old days!
    Those days where I could just play in the open space, without thinking of getting burnt or complaining to the sun why was too hot – or just picking up flower and talked to the nature and small animals.
    Went to the neighbor – saying hello to the people. Feeling the dust or mud on my feet while ‘t was raining. Such a happy days, and i miss them indeed.

  3. Hey Bob –
    I’m now, starting to write, after my long-delay excuse 😀 – So, I’m thinking to write something about those good old days, and can I borrow your title? 🙂 – If I don’t get your response, I believe it would be yes 😉

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