Do You Watch Celebrity Apprentice?

Send Everyday EcardsWith the American Idol fever going great guns, another TV show is breaking out into my personal space. This time it’s not the TV freak Adrian and Irina, it’s Megan! She’s much interested in the NBC show Celebrity Apprentice. The interest point for the Celebrity Apprentice is more valid for Megan than the American Idol can ever be for Adrian and Irina. Megan is super-excited that these celebrity apprentices will be making and selling cupcakes on the streets of New York! That is what I heard, along with some details about the show itself.

Celebrity Apprentice splits the participants according to gender. The project manager of the men’s team is Herschel Walker. Their team is named KOTU (King of the Universe). The women’s team project manager is Joan Rivers, and they call themselves Team Athena. Megan was telling me that the women’s team somewhat lacks in the celebrity quotient. She also told me that the men’s team planned to use the celeb power of Andrew Dice Clay to make it easier for them to sell cupcakes in New York. But the irony was that he was the first one to be fired! Such is life!

Will you be catching the action on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice? It should be great fun to watch these celebs battle it out as apprentices. Reality shows are big on the horizon now, and it is surely worth the time to watch a couple of them. At least, they will make for a nice gossip behind the water cooler in the office! Don’t you think so?


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