50 Ways To Combat Stress!

Stress and constant worry doesn’t really get us anywhere. Though Eustress or the good stress helps us overcome complacency and laziness but if stress level increases, our body releases hormones like cortisol, dopamine, adrenaline and so on to protect us. Besides shielding us, the hormones also lead to distress and diseases, changing our biological and mental constitution. Increase in hormones like these can lead to increase in fat, high blood sugar, bowel disorders, high blood pressure, in women it can cause irregular menstrual cycle, in men it can lower their sperm count and so on.

If stress is not dealt with in time, it leads to depression, anxiety, insomnia and other psychological disorders. So, we must have some natural ways to reduce stress and find our inner balance. Here is my experimented list of ways to tackle situations of chaos and pressure in my life. Feel free to add your ways to the revitalizing list here.

  1. Meditation is the best way to overcome stress. Mindfulness based stress reduction helps in eliminating the stressful thoughts and reducing the levels of serotonin and other worry hormones.
  2. Have a go-to-friends-list for that instant joy and fun break.
  3. Ventilating in front of a closed one who is non-judgmental is a surefire way to reduction in stress. Caution is to first identify the emotion that is bothering you. Do not ventilate when in anger, only relent when sad.
  4. Listening to your favorite music or watching favorite videos that give you the boost is a way to calm your mind.
  5. Spa or massage is an incredible way to distress. All psycho-somatic problems disappear.
  6. Writing especially mindful journaling is also another way to overcome worries and resolve problems by increasing ways to release and reflect.
  7. Reading something light and easy.
  8. Letting go( literally).
  9. Knowing that you are bigger than the problem.
  10. Knowing that “This too shall pass” as quoted by Buddha. As everything is temporary, you might as well simply enjoy the present moment the way it is.
  11. Experiencing the presence of divine support.
  12. Cuddling with my kitten.
  13. Wine and diversions help, but only temporarily.
  14. Chunking the work down and swallowing the pieces bit by bit really helps in managing the stress. It is a way to proactively plan and we will be able to deal with whatever is on our platter.
  15. Immersing yourself in the tub or taking a warm shower really helps in stabilizing the inflow of hormones.
  16. Simply walking alone and observing silence.
  17. Spending time with nature , kids and puppies.
  18. Social media detox.
  19. Spending time with Mom, Dad, a sibling or friend.
  20. Burning lavender oil and fixing your environment by decluttering.
  21. Art & Craft is another surefire way to deal with stress.
  22. Spending time with the love of your life.
  23. Praying, chanting and rituals also help in removing the fear based stress.
  24. Watching movies and humorous sitcoms.
  25. Sip lemon grass or mint tea with awareness.
  26. Sometimes retail therapy is fine too but it is too temporary and will add up to stress of clutter and finance later so be careful.
  27. Bird gazing, it is magical and freeing.
  28. Chocolate in any form.
  29. Going down the memory lane – flipping through the albums so you know you have come a long way.
  30. Doing household chores mindfully.
  31. Baking and cooking.
  32. Day dreaming.
  33. Engaging in your favorite sport, my favorite is swimming.
  34. Eating but be careful of too much indulgence.
  35. Philanthropic activity- helping others is the best way to get rid of moroseness.
  36. Introspection and Contemplation.
  37. Dancing as if no one is watching. So do that waltz.
  38. Yoga or Pilates.
  39. Enjoying the laughter therapy. Share jokes and enjoy.
  40. Change your physiology- smile , sit or stand straight , chin up , remove your hands from your head – maintain a cheerful posture.
  41. Sing even if u are a lousy singer. Karaoke is a great way to relax.
  42. Playing with buddies like we did in childhood days, games like scrabble, snakes and ladder, snooker, baseball, poker or even tic tac toe is good to soothe the agitated nerves.
  43. Learning something new.
  44. Travelling.
  45. Being creative – Sculpting, cross-stitching, gardening, crocheting, knitting or even pottery or fixing a machine , robotics or carpentry, these are hobbies that help to keep the mind from creating stressful scenarios for you.
  46. Progressive relaxation, deep breathing and other techniques to relax the body and mind.
  47. Positive self-talk.
  48. Photography.
  49. Pretending you are Alice in the wonderland and something exciting is about to come.
  50. Dropping everything and doing nothing.

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