Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

Send Love EcardsThe worst part about being in an emotionally abusive relationship is that you don’t realize you are in one. Emotional abuse in most cases are so subtle and passive that you may have been taking it over years and never thought of putting your foot down. It may come in small dozes, so you may have put off resistance thinking that things will be be better soon. But they don’t. And before you actually get to taking a step, you look inside yourself and see open, bleeding wounds that reek of humiliation.

So how do you know you are in an emotionally abusive relationship? Look for pointers. Are you being mocked, belittled or humiliated, publicly or privately? Are you being made to feel that you are a good-for-nothing? Is your self-respect and dignity being compromised? Many times your partner may be threatening to dump you or even threatening suicide. If you have mentally ticked all these points, you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship.

So what do you do now? Reflect. Do you need this? Will you be better off without a relationship problem that keeps popping its head every alternate day? There are two ways you can handle it. One, talk it out with your partner. Two, if you have already tried that and failed, you might want to take some stern step. But whatever you do, don’t turn a blind eye, expecting things to be fine all by itself. A cure is never in the denial of the disease.

What other aspects suggest that a relationship is emotionally abusive? Share with us.


8 thoughts on “Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

  1. when you say relationship, does that mean a marriage too? what about when you have kids? i guess that’s a lot to ask, but most people stick it out because abandoning too soon seems like giving up.

    but in the end, what you say makes sense, tons of it. one sign would also be when your partner constantly praises other members of your gender instead of you. very heartbreaking.

  2. Emotional abuse also occurs when one partner holds control over the relationship, ie they decide what is going to happen and when, irrespective of the other partner’s wishes/desires. This may be as simple as withholding a hug or other form of affection until the “controlling” partner feels it is a worthwhile action.

    It is a very difficult form of abuse to detect from outside the relationship – even years later it can seem questionable externally.

  3. B.
    My mother was in such a situation. She was divorced and had a boyfriend who was abusive towards her. I felt I was the guardian in this relationship as my mother and her boyfriend were the young couple who wanted much attention. Was difficult for me as I had to let siblings know of my mother’s issues and I was attending art school. Not easy. She passed away in 1990 and I never had to go through all the trauma again. Yet, for the past 19 years, I simply helped my siblings through all their bad times.Please know if you have had hard times with friends, I am there for you. All you have to do is contact me and I can help out. Your friend always, L.

  4. yes, i have been in relationships that have had mental abuse and physical abuse.
    I would rather have a good beating than to have torture of mental abuse that never seems to end. I seem to always draw the wrong type of person to me. On my forehead it has MUG. My heart is big and my true love is strong, but after the same thing happening tme after time one loses the will to do anything.
    You name the abuse, i have had it. I feel for all those that are in them now and also if they have children. The children see at a very young age and react, it follows them to adulthood also. If your afraid to run away or to even move at times, then you MUST. There is only yourself that can do this, no one else. There is much more available these days to the age i was at the onset of one abuse,there were no women helped or refuges, no family that dare take me into their home, so i ran and ran and hid in every corner i could, only to still be found. I am alive, I do not know how, but believe you me any others, break that now. Stop and go, any chance you get. if you have children think of their future. if it is just you then think how would you like to live cos you can do it. Go for it and don’t put up anymore with it.
    God bless and wish all of you the strength you need to do this.

  5. Wow, that opened my eyes!!! Although he tells me he loves me he belittles me especially in front of the kids etc and when I reply to say it is not nice what you said he tells everyone I can’t take a joke! But what do you do, he is the man I have loved for 36 years! If you walk out make no mistake, I have seen over the years what grownup kids do to their parents when they split up as they never ever get over it, as long as they live!

  6. My ex husband was mentally abusive. He grew up in a physically abusive family the same as his father had and so on for generations. He decided the physical violence would stop with his generation. So he developed his own type of violence. Mental abuse. I was married to him for 19 years. I kept thinking it was the right thing to do. You are supposed to stay married. I learned over the years to shut him out. He could yell at me for hours and I would keep doing whatever it was I was doing. I was a real pro. Then he started turning on our sons. I would step in and get him to turn his anger on me and everything would be normal again. When your own sons are telling you to tell dad to leave, you have to wake up. I wish I would not have waited so long. My youngest is 18 now and has a hard time with his temper and he goes from one girl to the next. He expects them to be like I was when I was married to his father. I also have trouble opening up again. When my ex would start the screaming, I closed myself off. I’m remarried now, but sometimes I find myself going into the same mode, not that my new husband is any form of abusive, its just a comfortable and safe place for me now and I have to learn I’m safe without withdrawling into myself. If you are in a physical or mental abusive relationship, get out. Especially if you have children, because guess what? Your kids learn from what they see and if they see someone being abusive and they aren’t getting in trouble for it and they other person keeps taking it, they’ll learn this is an OK behavior and that is something you truly don’t want your kids to be… ABUSIVE!

  7. I cannot take living in my home anymore……I am so depressed, I feel like giving up……is there a safe place I can escape to?

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