Lessons From A Little Angel!

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It was a bad day at office. I had a shouting match with my boss and an ugly spat with my colleague. I drove fast, jumped a signal and came home a mess.

My sis and niece Rachel were at the door when my car hit the garage. They were smiling, but I didn’t notice. I went in fast for a change, raided the refrigerator for a beer and when I turned little Rachel was standing there; I couldn’t help but push her away in my foul mood and settled myself in the soft cushioned couch.

Switched on the television and browsed through until found a channel playing country music. Took a few gulps off the bottle, bit a good chunk off the burger, propped my head on a soft cushion and slept like a baby.

Woke up around 1 a.m. and felt my throat dry. Slowly, went to the fridge, took out a bottle of water and the reflection of the light on the floor revealed some flowers. Hit the switch and found the flowers scattered all through the floor.

There were some tall grass blades, tulips and some roses. Then, it struck me.

Groggily, I put one foot in front of another and let myself into Rachel’s room. The little one was sleeping like an angel.

I knelt by her bedside and prod her to wake up.

She did.

“Uncle Bob, sorry to have disturbed you in the evening… I plucked some flowers for you from the garden and tied them all with my shoe lace. It really looked like a bouquet. I wanted to gift you when you came from work…”

I didn’t utter a word.

I gave her a warm hug and we sat in silence for a while.

“That’s the best gift I ever got Rachel. Thank you and I’m so sorry for pushing you away. Good night, angel.”

She smiled…

Anger makes one blind.

Don’t be.



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