A Moment To Remember…

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I guess, it would have happened to you too. I woke up one morning and rushed for the shower. In the bathroom mirror, found my face looking… Well… Extraordinarily ordinary. I mean, there were warts, a few pimples, bags under the eyes, dry skin and an overall groggy look.

Shocked to the core, I washed my face clean. Didn’t improve. I stayed the same.

I ain’t a handsome dude, but I used to look okay. You know, girls dig me.

What’s in the face shows in the heart. I had a bad start to the day. My mind was all over the place. Wore the wrong tie and chose a horrible shirt.

Somehow, scooted to work and nobody found nothing different. I tried to hide from anyone and everyone even the colleagues and friends.

Went through the day and met Aaliyah in the evening.

Didn’t feel like looking at her… And I saw her. Wow! She wore minimal to no makeup. Her hair was tied in a bun; she wore a tee and a pair of jeans. She had a yellow armband and a smile.

And she looked like an angel.

That moment, it struck me… Am I good enough for her?

Would she ever have a second thought?

Has she already?

She came straight to me, gave me a hug and said…

“Oh! Bob, no one does what you do, that shirt is so in contrast to your trousers and the tie jus’ completes the funky look. My man’s got the style!”

I smiled.

“And you know what Bob; you’ve got the luckiest smile in the world. I am so lucky… Ain’t I?”

I managed to nod.

Foot Note:

Two lessons:

1. Your love of life loves everything about you… Even the ones the world dislikes.

2. Never forget to smile… You never know who would fall for it.


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