Emmy, Rick Perry, Obama, Clint Eastwood and More!

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Emmys 2011 belonged to Modern Family. The show hit gold this time along with Mad Men. Modern Family managed to bag five big ones on the night.

Charlie Sheen was there and he spoke in understandable English. Makes me wonder, which one’s the fake? The one who trashes everyone and everything including himself or the one who is modest and sane? Only God knows or in his case, Goddesses!

America is taxing the rich. The new proposal has stirred up a debate. No comments, really!

What’s happening with Rick Perry?

He looked all set to lead in the polls and now Mitt Romney looks
determined to not give him the easy run.

As for the Democrats, Obama’s big job plan push is almost a make or break before the 2012.

I think he is the busiest President that ever was. He has to tackle two wars as Commander In Chief, worst recession since the Great Depression, Health Care reform, Job push and a poll to face in a year.

Tough job!

Old is gold. True. Lion King in 3D has taken the screens by storm all over North America. All the big ticket movies have reconciled to the fact that they will get only second billing behind the lovable lion and his cub.

17 years later all they did was make people wear glasses to watch the same movie and it worked. Talk about longevity.

Talking about longevity, Clint Eastwood is alive and kicking and shooting Leonardo for J. Edgar. He is 81! Try speaking in full sentences at this age.

Redskins have managed to trump the Cardinals! Fans rejoice.

On that note, I take leave. Good week past. Hope for a great week ahead.

Tip for the week: When you read a news article, do not follow the opinion of the writer, jus’ grasp the news. Sit quiet, analyze and form your own opinion.

Share that opinion. And that is democracy.


4 thoughts on “Emmy, Rick Perry, Obama, Clint Eastwood and More!

  1. B. Good one. I actually am doing better than I was back in the 90’s. Saved/stored away like a hamster and now I am reaping what I have sown. Yet, I know plenty of people who have worked very hard at saving, not over spending but are still in the hole. Lost their jobs, their houses, their savings. Got dealt a bad hand and it wasn’t their fault. Much of the corporate world is to blame. Exactly who in this greed world? So many…..and I feel that is why these protesters are fed up.

  2. There are many things happening around us. We do what we can although this may not always be fruitful. I believe that one has to go back to conscience in one’s inner world, within the context of the bigger world outside. No matter what the others say or do, it is better to stick to one’s principles.

  3. Hi Bob,
    Well, I have been reading your newsletters whenever I hunt any moment to read, most of the time am busy with my job and tough life pressures am living, so I find your writings as breathtaking and moments of relax inspires me to touch the beauty of life somehow I miss, I live in Dubai however happiness is not big malls and high buildings but other things I really lack here. I admire your lifestyle where to find splendid human relations rich with genuine ethics, warm feelings and respect between humans, I love your nature, customs and day life all in all. Since I was child I used to here about New York and L.A where my friends born and raised up, listening to American hits… Elvis, Michael Jackson and country music and enjoy Hollywood movies. I live in my country but I feel and sense life of U.S and feel it as my second country, though am from East but I’ve never felt any negative feeling towards American society, there was something inside of me close to it.
    Till the day when I saw American troops invades my country (Iraq) destroying everything, killing lives of human, civilization, trees and even nature ….. what for ?? for greed only.
    Me and the whole world were wondering “Is that human rights, is that sympathy of American we used to hear about, human organizations and Hollywood stars what are calling for “ ….. I don’t think so.
    Since that moment image of America has been changed into my mind I used to see it as country of nice feelings and warm relations to others, but not any more after I saw reality of it’s soldiers and how are they acting with innocent people. They can take whatever they came for without destroying love, feelings, humanity, nature and environment-what world is trying to protect now- I think America must be an example to the world of how to protect our living things!!!!!! By the end all of us we live on one planet and what harm us with no doubt would eventually harm others.
    We can keep people who used to admire America still admire it now yet resources (funds) could be gained and avoid U.S crisis by brilliant politic strategy.
    In fact my intention is not to put anybody’s down or to abuse relations, but just to drop some light and try to protect ourselves, souls and our earth from harm and to share giving an example of who is killing love and who is changing human relations on this planet relevant to your narration and “World Hello Day”.

    Hope peace to the world …. and Good bless us.

    I apology if my letter is a bit long… Thanks for your time to read.

    Ms. Enas

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