Bloody Murder!

Send Inspirational CardsIn broad daylight the incident occurred. It happened in front of everyone. Too many witnesses, but no one bothered to stop. In fact, they showed an indifferent attitude.

The worst part, this murder was not the first one that was committed. And not jus’ in America. It is the work of a serial killer.

Caught on camera. Electronic media knows it. Print media knows it.
We know it.

The murder happened as the world and its people looked the other way when chimneys of the factories emitted too much to tear the ozone layer.

The murder happened when we were too busy to note the psyche of our kids who later shot their fellow students in school.

The murder happened when we saw the color of the person rather than the goodness of the heart.

The murder happened when we let our kids to become adults with abnormal talent shows and questionable teen role models robbing them of their childhood.

The murder happened when we lived another day while looters looted while Katrina hit.

The murder happened when we as parents partied in the wee hours of the morning leaving the baby in the arms of a babysitter.

The murder happened when we debated legalizing drugs more than education for all.

The murder happened when we heatedly fought over legalizing euthanasia than providing health care for all.

The murder happened when our parents had to take appointments to meet with us.

The murder happened when raunchiness of the music video defined its success rather than its music or lyrics.

The murder happened when young couples started making video tapes of their privacy rather than wedding tapes of their union.

The murder happened when we gave more thought on prenuptial agreements rather than on wedding vows.

The murder happened when we talked like a herd rather than thinking about things.

And the murder victim in the above cases was…

Common Sense.


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