May There Be Peace…

Send Inspirational CardsAnother anniversary of 9/11. What has changed from that dreadful day?

Well, we have invaded two countries, we have got paranoid at the airport but you know what? We have a President, who has a Muslim middle name and a first name and second name, that is African. And he won a Nobel Prize in his first year of office. Aren’t we a nation or irony? Whatever we may be, we are not cowards. We caught them who did ill to us. We have shown the world we can be strong and be offensive when we need to be and be compassionate when the time asks for it. Today, I, Bob, along with all my colleagues and peers salute the firemen and other personnel, who laid their lives fighting the fire and rubbles of the World Trade Center in their quest to save innocent lives on that eventful day.

The lesson to be learnt from that tragedy and the aftermath is that however much the aggressors and/ or terrorists try to disturb our peace we will not back down. There is no other emotion on this day that is more powerful than the emotion on the face of a mom, who lost her child in this disaster. Her tears asked for an answer and our marines delivered it.

For me personally that was the day I will never forget for two reasons. And the reasons are, it changed America and it changed the world.

God bless America and may there be peace.


2 thoughts on “May There Be Peace…

  1. B. What a beautiful ‘thank you’ blog dedicated to an individual who was not your average guy, yet appeared to be. I love the fact that he created his first computer out of a garage. All things big, start out small.
    Steve Jobs was driven. He had the imagination to forsee what could be possible. To take up becoming CEO at Pixar, really got my vote, too. How polar is that to being a computer engineer? At least that is what I thought. But like the computer he created, where you have a machine that merges visuals with mathmatics, sciences, music, dance, theater, literature, poetry, he taught us that all things can be brought together. Are one. His life was so full of magic. L.

  2. Dear Bob

    Thank you for your magnanimous heart and wonderfully supreme humanity. It is rare in this climate of growing pessimism and materialistic greed to find souls that feel and think about the importance of virtues such as gratitude and compassion.
    Reading your message about how you feel about your friends, loved ones and veterans really touched and moved me.
    I had to say Keep Up with all the good work you are doing. God is prevalent in all our wishes for all those around us.

    Kindest blessings

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