Good Night Sleep.

Send Everyday Greetings!There are certain things in life that are private. There are certain moments in life when you are all alone with yourself. Nobody invades that space. And that space is when you are sound asleep. This is done all by yourself and you are responsible for a sound sleep or lack of it.

A few of us pray before we go to sleep. Some people walk a bit before they tuck themselves into bed. Others read to their children stories before they sleep.

And there are some who watch horror movies and try getting some sleep. There are many others who drink themselves to sleep.

I know of a few who talk romance on their phone to their partner till they drop off and some more who work their way to sleep.

A few I know even read themselves to sleep while a good lot play games on their computer before they fall flat on the bed.

Some meditate and try getting some sleep. Some take pills to get themselves some sleep.

Others try counting numbers from 1 to 100 or 1000 to get to sleep.

Few others fantasize and some try to dream.

But the ones who get good sleep are the ones who did good deeds all day and are looking forward to doing no bad deed the next day.


The ones who didn’t lie or put themselves in a situation where they would feel guilty are the ones who get good sleep.

The ones who have no agenda to back stab a fellow colleague the next day or the ones who have no bone to pick with anyone the next day are the ones who sleep a dreamless sleep.

The reason is they live their dream, anyway.

Who needs dreams when reality is beautiful?

There is happiness sometimes in looking forward to nothing if the present itself is a beautiful gift.

Good day to you.


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