What America is Talking About?

Send Have a Great Day EcardsObama came on the plank of Change and yes, got a Nobel and won a lot of hearts and a fair amount of criticism too. He has announced his plans for 2012 re-election now. His hair has changed colors from black to grey to almost white now. Sarah Palin is still in News and looks like she has some ambitious ideas. Biden still talks and then thinks. Avatar is history. The Social Network raked in the money and now, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg won another legal battle against the Winklevoss twins.

We have made a breakthrough in the Anti-terrorism front. With inputs from several agencies we have confirmed that Osama has shaved his beard, but we are yet to confirm if the moustache is still there.

People were out on the streets in Egypt and the dictator fell. People were out on the streets in Libya and our troops are fighting it out alongside the NATO against the State troops. There is unrest in Syria, Bahrain, and now, the latest one, in Cuba too.

You know the best part, these snippets makes it to the Evening News, but the most watched and read stories are as follows:

Kate Middleton and Prince William are getting married. Wedding of the Century English Press tells us. Charlie Sheen is the new age guru with his rants. Lindsay Lohan and whatever she does or doesn’t. Paris Hilton and her pics. And her dog. Justin Bieber – You can like him or hate him, but you can never ignore him. Lady Gaga – it makes news when she breathes. Britney Spears. And some juicy gossip on breakups and hookups of celebrities.

By the way, apart from these 0.000000001% of the world population, the common people who constitute just the other 99.999999999% population have minor problems with employment, health care, oil prices, food, recession and some environmental issues.
Good Day!

Well, a bit of sarcasm there, I guess. Sometimes you feel like letting it go. Thankfully, I have a platform here to reach out to you guys about what I think. How many people can do that?

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There are exactly two kinds of people in the world. One, who has talent. And another, who does something about it.

We have given you the platform; now, it’s for you to show what you got!



4 thoughts on “What America is Talking About?

  1. B. I do understand about feeling ashamed. You feel that you are lower than the lowest. I had done a stupid thing towards a dear friend and felt worthless for quite some time. I really thought I was going to lose him, as well. I didn’t blame him if he did. I really messed up. But he was patient with me and did keep that situation at bay whenever we talked. He never brought it up unless I briefly did. Yet, even then, he would change the subject. But I have always wanted to explain to him the details of that particular incident. But, he kindly talks over me and tells me I am sweet. Such a considerate guy. Yet, this makes me feel even more guilty. To this day, I still believe he doesn’t quite understand the situation and I have often wanted to explain to him why I did what I did as I love him very much and never, ever want to hurt him.
    There was a time, once, years ago, when he met with me in a cafe and then a girl came in walking to our table. He introduced her to me saying she was his girlfriend- totally floored me because I did not know he was seeing anyone. Never said a word about it to me. Beforehand, he sort of gave me the impression he was interested in me. So I, of course, wanted to just shrink away when I met her at the cafe. Felt awkward. She was a very together, intelligent person and I could certainly see why he loved her. Just would have been helpful if he had told me earlier he was seeing someone.
    Also he asks that I let him know how I am doing- health wise-since with my past surgery, I didn’t tell him about it. But I did tell one of his friends and I guess she never told him, as he was so surprised to know I was hospitalized. Which told me much about his friend. She’s a nice person, but wonder if she is jealous of him. So whenever I contact her, I never tell her I have talked to him. Also, it feels as though he does not wish me to ask if he’s doing OK healthwise. Which isn’t fair as he wants me to let him know about how I’m doing. He’s a guy and guys can be that way, but I’m a girl and girls want to take care.
    None the less, I love this man with all my heart and I wish I could just sit down with him and talk it all out. There are things to him that have not been made clear. Misunderstandings and mistakes. But for so long I have felt if I say too much he will flee from me. Maybe I am wrong about this. But I never want to lose him. He is my life. L.

  2. Bob, I think you are the sweetest guy in the whole world. Sometimes I envy your friends who could have such a nice guy to be their friend. To be frank, I think Aaliyah should be very grateful to you since you care for her so much. I hope it is not a misunderstanding between you both. People follow every word of their doctor because they know their doctor care for them. Don’t you think so?
    There are many things happening around us everyday and everything we could learn a lesson from. Even the scene of a child’s calling for the mother and putting the tiny little hand into the mom’s touches my heart. It is a complete trust in the mom and so pure is the trust. This is what we do towards our beloved too. Bob, do not lose heart. I think you are the best guy in the world. People will understand you.

  3. Hi,Bob i aprciat u 4 wat u r,going through da lines u’ve writen rely inspird me,wel mi story is quit difrnt,i fel in luv in an erly age nowing nothng,we kept our relation 4 7yrs,bt nt evn a single date coz we studied in difrnt plac,of cours i luv hm bt i ws ignorant at dat time,rit aftr mi gradution i cam 2 met him bt 2 mi surpris he ws alrdy lyng on da dead bed lifelessly,i fel vry sory bt nothng cn i do,i realise we shud truly lov da one who lovs us purily in a due tim,coz tim waits 4 non.

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