Love Conquers All!

Send Pets EcardsShe doesn’t love me anymore. Well, I am talking about Aaliyah. Let me tell you what happened.

I had this real long day at office, slogged it out for 14 hours and all I needed was a good night sleep. But the nightly routine of a telephone conversation came in the way. Of course, I love to chat with her before I hit the bed… She is a masseuse with words. I can sleep with a smile, you see.

That wasn’t to be. She had to talk about all my mistakes of the day.

Her famous refrain, “Bob, you didn’t have 5 minutes for me?”

No answer to that one from me.

“Yes, I had all day to talk to you and I didn’t do it purposely,” I shouted in frustration.

“At least, you could have texted me” she said.

“Yes, I could have. Or maybe I should have sent you a greeting card!” I said sarcastically.

“Okay, good night Bob,” she said in finality.

“What you won’t talk to me now?” I shouted.

“I would like to talk… But you are shouting!” she shot back.

“This is how it is now, is it? I come back after a long day and this is what I come back to?” I used my self-pity mode.

“My mistake,” She said.

“Hmmm…” I muttered under my breath.

“Happy now, all the mistakes are mine. I have to sit here like an idiot all day waiting for your call or a text or any sort of communication from you and the mistakes are mine. Great!” she snapped back.

“Good night then,” I slammed the phone.

She hates it when I slam the phone on her. She doesn’t love me anymore, I guess. She could have been more considerate.


May be I should have not shouted at her. I didn’t even ask her how her day was. I am flying off the handle too fast lately. Am I taking her for granted? Is that fair?

Felt bad. Heart heavy now.

Called her.

It was ringing… And ringing… And ringing…

Call got connected.




“Sorry, Aaliyah.”

“Sorry, Bob.”

There was a long silence after that. I could hear some bird flying by somewhere, could hear car honk at a distance, and I could hear her breathe.

“Will you smile once for me, please?” she said.

I smiled.

Years later, I will not remember the long day I had, but the moment I smiled. And I will remember the reason.


I hope you guys too would have such moments to share. Why don’t you tell me a bit about it?

Talking of love… This Valentine’s Day broke the ceiling in terms of traffic to the site. According to the Comscore survey, witnessed a growth of 29% (compared to ecard industry growth of 10%) with the total number of visitors rising to 2.4 million in February 2011.

This, I am proud of not because of the numbers that will generate traffic, but to know that using our platform love is being shared. More than ever.

This, I am proud of not because of the numbers that will generate traffic, but to know that using our platform love is being shared. More than ever.

Thank you.

Now, you guys better get talking! Talk about love, give me an anecdote or anything that effected or affected you to become a better person.



2 thoughts on “Love Conquers All!

  1. B. I feel your friend’s pain and understand. Yet, what Osama Bin Laden did to innocent people was cowardly and horrible. Some things are unforgivable and the people who do such atrocities deserve to die. I don’t rejoice in this feeling but am content that he was put to death. So many people lost loved ones. We should all let the people we hold dear to our hearts know how much we love them. Life is precious. I love you, B., your friend always, L.

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