Why Do We Send Greeting Cards?

Send a card to your loved oneIsn’t this the age of Facebook and Twitter? Iphones and Galaxy Tabs? We have become people who want to poke our friends in the virtual world and write some gibberish in 140 characters. I wonder, did we forget the personalized way of wishing or making a loved one smile!

I was jus’ going through 123Greetings.com and found the reason why greeting cards are made.

To jus’ bring a smile on the face of your loved one!

That’s it. That’s about it.

If you are in love, send a romantic card… It’s personal, has a hint of music, poetic words and your own words to go with it. It is an experience to cherish both for you and your beloved. I, personally, remember how I felt when Aaliyah sent me a romantic card. I would have hit “replay” a thousand times. And the best part, there was an option right there for me to send a “Thank You” card, which again was romantic. Beat that!

One day, I even sent a card for no reason. I mean, there were no birthdays or any event of relevance to celebrate, so I picked a ‘Have a Great Day’ card and sent it to the whole gang. Steve got back with a “Friendship Hello” card. Now, that’s sweet!

There is ‘Admin Pro Day’ coming up and time to praise the unsung heroes like the receptionists to the hard working secretaries. Last year, I had sent it to Jennifer who is such a sweetheart and sports a ready smile at the front desk day in and day out. You should have seen her blush and look grateful at the same time. Worth the time I spent choosing the card and the words.

Recession-hit friends all over the place these days. I looked at the brighter side, Humor Month is on folks! Chose a card and sent it to all in my Address Book. Spared nobody. This is no junk email, but an email that carried a lot of smiles. I am sure at least a few sported a smile in the middle of a long day.

You know how much I love King Kong, and I know a few who love their pets more than or equal to their family. I make it a point to send a few cards that have pet images to make them feel special. And of course, when there is an anniversary or a wedding, I can’t make it to all of them… Can I? So, what do I do?

I send a card, simple!

It’s like they feeling my presence through my card in my absence. How’s that?!

Last but not the least, family and friends love it when we are around for a religious event. I believe God is everywhere and I am sure He is there in our ‘Good Friday’ and ‘Easter’ greeting cards as well. The serene images on the cards and the good wishes bring out a positive vibe and a feeling of harmony. I wouldn’t dare stay away from sending a card on these occasions to my dear and near ones.

You know the best part about working in a place like this?

The understanding that… Someone somewhere is smiling and the cards we create is a reason for it!

Love it!

Tell me about the feelings you experience when you receive a greeting card and more.

You know I love to hear from you, don’t you?


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Send Greeting Cards?

  1. Bob, have you watched the movie Secretariat? It is about a triple-crown horse. It might have been sold at a small fraction of its value if not for the owner. It might end up wasting its talent if not for its trainer. Without either one, the horse is nothing more than a donkey.
    There is a very similar ancient story about a man who knows horses well. One day when he walked in the street, he saw a very good horse, loaded with heaps of goods, staggering along. The horse was thin, obviously undernourished and the master of the horse was still whipping harshly at the horse when the horse was trying its best to move forward. The horse saw this man and cried. The man sighed. What was the value of being a good horse when it was treated like a donkey? There are many good horses in this world but there are very few who know the horses.
    Talent is nothing when there is no opportunity or when it is not valued.

  2. B. An audience is important, but not everything, for sure. A talent could be playing their heart out, but if the audience isn’t interested- can’t force ’em to listen. Can school ’em a bit. But real talent plays on no matter if people will listen or not. It’s important to keep on doing what you love best no matter what the audience likes or dislikes. Much also has to do with plain luck.
    And I don’t mean to be a smarty pants, but, Joshua Bell is a revered violinist and not a guitarist. He’s wonderful. And I had heard about this story. Took guts to do what he did. Was for all the struggling musicians out there. thanks for the blog, xo, L.

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