Friends in the Military

Send Stay in Touch EcardsThe New York Times reported that there were more people joining the Army because there’s a downturn in the economy. The reasons could be anything from a stable income to the lure of a soldier’s life. Going to battle for your country or fighting for a cause is something that you can be proud of, all your life. I’ve seen Fred do that over the years. You’ll make a bunch of friends, your peers, who are united for a mission. They have the same aim as you do and that is the protection of peace, justice and national security. It’s a heady feeling that will stay with you always. But the most long lasting impact would be on the person that you are. Serving time in the Army will make you conscious of your social responsibility and that sense of belonging will continue to dictate the choices you make, both in your personal and in the public sphere.

On the flip side, you will have to stay away from your friends and family for months, not to mention the extreme circumstances that you may have to deal with. Climates everywhere are never the same and neither are the conditions. You might be sent to combat missions, for which you have to be ready. Waiting for combat is perhaps the most tantalizing of all. You can feel the palpable tension where any moment you can be attacked or be asked to go on the offensive. You might get injured, you might die. You can be at base camp and there’s still a threat to your life. It’s a different life altogether, very thrilling, though it’s not for everyone.

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