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Send Stay in Touch EcardsThe New York Times reported that there were more people joining the Army because there’s a downturn in the economy. The reasons could be anything from a stable income to the lure of a soldier’s life. Going to battle for your country or fighting for a cause is something that you can be proud of, all your life. I’ve seen Fred do that over the years. You’ll make a bunch of friends, your peers, who are united for a mission. They have the same aim as you do and that is the protection of peace, justice and national security. It’s a heady feeling that will stay with you always. But the most long lasting impact would be on the person that you are. Serving time in the Army will make you conscious of your social responsibility and that sense of belonging will continue to dictate the choices you make, both in your personal and in the public sphere.

On the flip side, you will have to stay away from your friends and family for months, not to mention the extreme circumstances that you may have to deal with. Climates everywhere are never the same and neither are the conditions. You might be sent to combat missions, for which you have to be ready. Waiting for combat is perhaps the most tantalizing of all. You can feel the palpable tension where any moment you can be attacked or be asked to go on the offensive. You might get injured, you might die. You can be at base camp and there’s still a threat to your life. It’s a different life altogether, very thrilling, though it’s not for everyone.

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7 thoughts on “Friends in the Military

  1. It is only a dream to get into the army with featherweight people like me. I still admire the people in the army who join it for the love for the country. It is not easy to get in and even tougher to stay there.

  2. The Armed Forces is one of the best professions one can coose. I am a retired Wing Commander who had to hang up his uniform about 8 yrs back due to onset of cancer. A product of the53rd Course NDA and 123 Pilots Course. In the journey of life we all face the slings and arrows of all kinds of fortunes, and the Armed Forces is no exception. Remuneration alone is not the yardstick to measure the quality of a career. A soldier makes the supreme sacrifice for his country because he loves his country and to thwart any attempt by evil minds to attack or threaten the very dignity or soverignity of his country. My sincere advice to all youngsters. Join the Armed Forces and be the pride of your nation. Shakespeare said,`Fools die many times before their death, the valient never tastes of death but once.’ Live every moment to safegaurd your motherland from any external agression and most importantly from cowardly acts of terrorism. Let us all stand united, shoulder to shoulder and ever ready to lend a shoulder to the wheel to wipe out terror in all forms so that the world has peace and there is selfless love amongst the people of the world. If any NDA friend of mine in any corner of the world should recognise me(nickname nanu) give me a squak. I have lost touch with Wambagoo and N’deti of the Kenyan AF after the Fighter Training days. We flew with Mac(Cdr Mackenzie)-remember! so should you be reading this BRAY as loud as you can.

  3. Soft sweet speech is the expression of genuine love. Hate screeches, fear squeals, conceit trumpets. But love sings lullabies. It soothes. Practice the vocabulary of love; unlearn the language of hate and contempt. YES YOU CAN!! GOD BLESS The United States of America, and its loving and adorable people! GOD BLESS President Obama.

  4. B. I know a few folks in the military and I also knew several veterans who served in WW2, Korean War and the Vietnam War. Though I don’t know anyone currently wishing to join the army. Yet, I do think the military is a good and needed profession. Soldiers protect our country. We live in peace and safety because of them. Though this does not mean I believe the war in Iraq is just. Like the Vietnam war, it should not have been. The soldiers are there because they were ordered to go. And yes, it is a thing to admire when seeing soldiers bond together given a mission. I like military things- the uniforms (especially camouflage fatiques), the camps, the vehicles, rifles, mess kits and who can not like the walkie-talkies! War strategies and military games also appeal to me. (I think I was a soldier in another life.) Soldiers put their life on the line every day to protect us. We must ever forget this. L.

  5. Soldiers put their life on the line every day to protect us. We could not forget this. We are so grateful for them for our peace. In return, we could all something for them to show our respect and gratitude to them, like supporting them in various ways.

  6. The soldiers risk their life to protect us. We must protect them too in our ways. Treasure their life and minimize sacrifices to only truly necessary cause.

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