The Dream Comes True

Send Martin Luther King, Jr. Day EcardsToday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I have something really special for you guys. This guest post is written by my friend Fred.

Hey people,
I’m sure you’ve all heard about me about how active I am with non profits and veteran affairs. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is really significant for me this year because in my generation we saw changes happen in a major way because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Those were interesting times, again history has brought us here. Tomorrow we’re going to be inaugurating the first black man to be the President of the United States. There is change in the air that our nation is going to rise up again. I’ve seen a lot of folks going through hard times right now. Everyone is giving a hand in helping each other. And I’ve never seen this kind of solidarity among people who came together to make change happen. There is a long road ahead. MLK’s dream had come true, we can tell our children and grandchildren, “Yes, you can become the President if you work hard for it.” That’s what America is all about to me. I’m looking forward to the months to come, I’m sure you are too. I really think if we keep a positive attitude and strive for change, it really will happen. Yes, we can make it happen. We are going through a particularly rough patch and the only way we can go ahead is to open up new venues and vistas for ourselves. Let’s not forget that we can all contribute towards a better tomorrow and if we do our small bit, the larger picture will definitely shape up the way we have dreamed it. So let’s look ahead and make our own way forward.

Have a great day and thank you Bob for letting me connect with your friends online.

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6 thoughts on “The Dream Comes True

  1. That is good thought from Fred. My daddy used to say try your best and your dream will come true. I can see examples like this in history again and again.

  2. True, a positive attitude and strive. That’s what it all sums up to. I am on behalf of my family and my own self enclosing herewith an oceanful of good wishes to the new President and all the people of the United States of America, peace prosperity and BLISS! Wish you all God speed and success!

  3. Ego lives by getting and forgetting; Love lives bygiving and forgiving; Love is expansion; Self is contraction; Self is lovelessness; Love is selflessness – SAIBABA
    GOD BLESS The United States of America!

  4. I always admire those who give themselves to the nation and fight for their dreams. It takes a lot of strength and determination to do it, and even more qualities to do it well.

  5. Fred,
    Thank you for your words. So very true that hope is in the air. You can feel it all around. While my students, colleagues and I watched the inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama, we were all spellbound. It is a dream come alive. Times are indeed difficult, but if we pull together we can make things happen. We are all brothers and sisters. L.

  6. Martin Luther King, Jr is a good example of what one could achieve with determination. Go for your dreams and they may come true one day.

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