Do You Follow Jon And Kate Plus 8?

Send Everyday EcardsA sequel is not something that is planned as an afterthought. Nowadays soaps and movies, even books have their sequels planned well in advance. As a result, they like to keep an open ending, so that viewers and readers get the hook. This hook pulls them back when the sequel is out. A sequel also rides piggyback on the success of the first venture, and the marketing strategies are based on the success of the last version. There’s another show which ended on a teaser, leaving ample room for the storyline to be taken forward in the next season. It’s Jon and Kate Plus 8.

The current season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 ended without making a definite point about the relationship status of Jon and Kate. Are they going to get divorced? This is the hook that I’m talking about. To find out if they are actually divorced, people will flock to watch it the next time it’s on air. There are many other questions that lie in a heap of loose threads. No one seems to know if the Jon and Kate show will be back for the fifth season. The finale episode did nothing to let the cat out of the bag. So as it is, we’re not sure if Jon and Kate will stay together. Do you watch the show? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Do You Follow Jon And Kate Plus 8?

  1. This my first” fan letter.” I have been very moved by the protrayal of the real life struggles and joyes of Jon and Kate and their beautiful children. They’re doing an amazing job of raising their 8 with love and great consideration of their very different needs and personalitites. I have a small understanding of the great stress this responsibility has on all of them. It has been magnified by being in the public eye. I would miss seeing this beauitful family grow, but if taking a step back brings them less stress, then I vote for them to take a long break. And for the record, I don’t think for a minute they are talking divorce.

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