American Idol Top 10 Surprises You?

Send Congrats EcardsAmerican Idol Season 8 is in the Top 10 stage. After weeks of anticipation and speculation, we have the Top 10 contestants who will take a shot at the American Idol summit. The episode that decided the Top 10 was packed with tension and suspense. The ball was set rolling when Danny Gokey was declared safe. That set out a loud cheer from Irina! She also let out a shrill hoot. Adrian squirmed. He doesn’t like Danny. Lil Rounds got into the safe zone too. When Allison Iraheta, Adrian’s latest favorite, was declared as constituting the bottom 3, Irina let out a sarcastic sigh that was not lost on Adrian.

One by one Scott MacIntyre, Megan Joy Corkey, Matt Giraud and Kris Allen got into the safe zone. Just before going into the break, Allison was declared safe. Adrian jumped from his seat and took the popcorn tumbler away from Irina. He had not touched the popcorn before this. Irina was quiet. I got up and went to the other room to answer a call. When I got back to the TV, Alexis was singing to impress the judges and stay on in the show for at least another week. But she fails and she’s out. There was not much heart-break at our end, except for the bad feeling you have when someone falls out of a competition. Did the selection of the Top Ten contestants surprise you? Are you upset Alexis is out?


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