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Send Let's Laugh Day EcardsWe don’t really get to laugh together often, do we? In these times, it is hard anyway to find out a reason to laugh, let alone laugh together. When we went out on St. Patrick’s Day we were talking about those days when things were not this difficult. We used to meet up almost every weekend and share some light moments. Then there were complications which came up. There were break-ups and more work pressure on all of us. We started working extra hours to stay afloat. Even when we are not working, we are constantly thinking of work and how to stay one step ahead. The casualty in this process is that we don’t really participate in fun activities anymore.

This is more damaging actually than the work pressure itself. You need a safety valve to keep your sanity intact. Work pressure often gets on your nerves, and if you do not have your light moments, you cannot get back to work with a fresh mind. As the cliche goes, work hard, party harder. My friends believe in that too, but it’s really difficult to switch off the mind when you are out of office. I tried to do that on a number of times, but each time the thought of work kept popping up in my mind. And when it happens, it’s difficult to get it out of the mind. As a result, the whole point of having a nice time goes out of the window, and you have a worry crease on your forehead immediately. How do you manage stress? I’d really like to know, I can’t really think of an effective way.


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  1. What ever is complicating my life and my day, Causing me Stress as we all call it, I LET IT GO, and put it into my Higher powers hands.. and I always know that god never gives us anything that we can not handle.. So, I do the best that I know how and trust that the rest will take care of itself.. However, keeping that all in mind, easier said than done, right…
    I also just try to find some alone time for me.. Even if just an hour, to destress… do something that I enjoy for me, with no one else.. Like meditate, listen to music, go for a nice walk, something to eat.. read… sit by the water, or just listen to the birds.. It gives me time to process the day, and then I am ready to enjoy time spent with friends.. for laughter.. and not worry about tomorrow..
    Hope that helps a bit… take care Bob

  2. B. I understand about work and play. Both are equally important. Yet I do know it can be difficult while you are playing to fall into thinking about work. I used to get stressed out on my days off thinking about some problem at work and it would ruin my fun. What I tend to do now is first recognize that I’m doing it and tell myself to let go of it. Put these thoughts in a little box that I will open when I return to work. Then I try to think of more encouraging thoughts on gardening or painting. I read a book or take a walk to the beach. Nothing like the sound of the surf, the smell of salt water and the sun on your face that clears a head full of blather. Also taking a road cruise to another town or state can be really fun. Most New England towns have really great libraries. I like to visit libraries in these towns. The architecture of each library is unique and the collections are interesting to browse through. Sometimes the local school may hold an exhibit of student art work which is always fun to view. Then of course walking to the park is always a good thing. Bring a lunch or have a picnic with a friend there. And if you at all bring up work while talking with your friend, stop yourself and chat about anything that doesn’t have to do with your job. L.

  3. Sometimes when I drive, I imagine the cars have faces, some showing great grins, some pull a sad face, some are more solemn, but be careful not to get too absorbed or you will run into the cars.

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