Getting Away From Toxic Friends

Send Friendship EcardsThis is an unusual post from what I generally write. All this while I have been writing about staying together as friends and being there for each other. This time around I want to talk about staying away from those group of friends who are causing harm to you. Yes, at some point of time, we come across individuals who cause harm to us, or lead us on the wrong track. It’s very important to identify them at the earliest and stay away from them and their influence. These friends will only lead you to trouble. You have to say no to them and resist the temptation of yielding to the plans they make for you, however fun that plan may be.

How do you do that? First, make an alternative plan of your own at the same time. If you have a plan, you won’t try to fill up the void by going out with a toxic group of friends. You can tell them you have other plans, and if they check up on you, they’ll get it that you were not lying. You can also avoid taking any calls from anyone belonging to this group. Engage yourself in activities that will occupy your time. You may feel nostalgic about the good times you have had while passing by the hangout spots. You may also come across these toxic friends having a good time without you. To get rid of this aspect, avoid that street and use an alternative one. If you want to do it, you can actually do it. Give it a shot and if you have other ideas up your sleeves, write to me.

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