Dating On St. Patrick’s Day

Send St. Patrick's Day EcardsSt. Paddy’s Day is not about bar hopping and getting drunk! If you set your mind to it, you can make it an incredibly romantic day. St. Paddy’s Day is all about having fun and letting go of those worry creases. How about doing it with your partner? Adrian is going away downtown to have a nice time with Cathy. You can take a leaf out of his book and do the same. You can collaborate on some plans with your partner. You can ask your date out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers done up in red and green. You can head to a quiet place where you can have a nice dinner with some soft music in the background. If you want to have a blast, make sure you cross-check your St. Patrick’s Day plans with your partner. You wouldn’t like to bar hop with her when she has a headache!

St. Patrick’s Day is about fun, but make sure you give her enough of your company. If you are out together and not without friends, you need to give her your time and not spend the time focussed on having a good time yourself. Remember that it’s a date, and it being St. Patrick’s Day, the event should add to the charm of the date, not take away from it. Be composed and attentive, and at all times, maintain a restraint that is more likely to be out for a toss when you see all the partying around you. It’s okay to let go, but when the two of you are out together, it’s better you keep that sense of togetherness intact. For more dating tips on St. Patrick’s Day, write in to me.


2 thoughts on “Dating On St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Bob,
    You seem to be a bit of a romantic. Your wife is a lucky lady. My husband is also romantic. He is the rough, tough image around others, however, when we are out together, he gives me his undivided attention. It doesn’t take much to make women happy. It just seems like a lot of men hasn’t realize that. I’m glad you treat your lady good and I am especially grateful that my man is good to me. Great write.

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